How Many Bikes?


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Hi there

I have 4 Bianchi bikes, a BMC and a Giant TCR. Giant have got a good deal on their TCR disc version and I'm thinking of buying one and selling my BMC. Is that bad to have/want so many bikes?!



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You can never have too many bikes.


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I've currently got 12 1/2 and my 16yo has 8 1/2 (we share a Dawes Kingpin that's been in bits for months). Losing my storage space last year, at least until Covid's under more control, has meant a re-evaluation of how many we can actually accommodate. My son's got a team bike coming as well with no space whatsoever at the moment to fit them all in..

I'll be selling 3-4 bikes this year. Which is what I did last year, but then bought 4 more :whistle: . The Raleigh Superbe I've been working on will go, as will either my Wilier Montegrappa or Raleigh SP Race as they would both be commuter bikes. The Giant Trinity TT bike I lent out last February will come back to be sold. Then I've to decide whether to keep the NeilPryde Nazare we have on the smart turbo or sell it; the probability is it'll stay since that makes things easier logistically. Oh, and my Fuji Track bike's off somewhere as a team loaner.

So I'll have 8-ish left. Unless I buy more :blush:
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That’s easy, sell the garage
Or buy a bigger one.


We buy and sell so there is usually quite a few around, 12 keepers at the moment, of which 5 are mine, I have had more, but they then tend to not get ridden. I use all of the 5. It's quite nice to ride different stuff, I've just been into Oxford on my old Mk2 Brompton, and I was just in the mood for it, easy peasy, jeans and trainers. It's just the perfect bike for local errands.
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Just make sure they're fully insured at home and away... (unless you can afford to replace or wouldn't bother)


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I've got 5, commuter, hard tail MTB, full suss MTB, road bike and eMTB. I have room for more, but I find 5 is the most I can store without being pushed for space in my spare room. Having/wanting more bikes isn't a crime.
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