How many of you have recently grown a beard?


I have to say, I'm astounded at the resurgence of beards! I think now that the majority of the male nurses I work with are bearded.

Now, I fully support any persons right to choose to have their body hair the way Mother Nature intended it, but as I do have a mil;d case of pogonophobia my OH has agreed that he will not grow a beard.

I know some of you have long sported beards, and have now become fashionable!


i have never not had one, as an adult, although it isnt especially impressive.

i think of myself as lazy rather than committed to growing a beard.


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I've never grown a beard. I don't think it would suit me. I may be a bit lazy when it comes to shaving sometimes but I think keeping a beard trimmed may be more work. And for that reason, I'm out!


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I need to be clean shaven for work (need a good seal on a dust mask) so not me.


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I've been growing a beard for the very first time since the 1st of January, the only reason is because I'm doing the Welsh 3 peaks challenge a week tomorrow and thought a beard would keep me warm, I work in a very cold place and it's suprising how warm it does keep my face, the misses hates it but it's growing on me (no pun intended)


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I was cycling coast to coast in USA and using campsites. Some of which didn't have any mirrors in the wash room. So I got lazy and thought to hell with it. During the tour I met up and cycled with a group of 11 americans who met on the internet. The leader being a 73 yr old recumbent rider who also sported a styled beard. Neatly trimmed above the cheeks and no hair on the neck. So shaving from the jaw bone down. also giving it a number 1 to keep it short. I took on this style when I reached the east coast and since landing back home and finding it in vogue I have just kept it.............for now! I now attend the local turkish barber who makes you feel that bit special with a haircut & beard trim. etc
I grow a beard most winters - I have decided to keep it this year and not shave it off as it is not only doing quite a good job of hiding my ugly mug it also gives the impression I am "in the fashion". Which I so obviously am.
I'm about a year in with havin' a beard, first time since Uni (+25 years ago).

Now everyone seems to have one I'm considering going back to just a goatie. Though my work pass, driving license and passport all have pictures of me with a beard which may mean some extra questions at security check points if I go back to a smooth face.


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In the winter I go 2-3 weeks between shaves because the whiskers help keep my face from freezing. When the whiskers get too annoying, I shave them off and start again.

The rest of the year I tend to shave every 4-7 days so I am usually anywhere between clean-shaven and very stubbly.
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