How much faster ..road bike vs tourer

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I don't think there would be enough 'differece' between the Galaxy and the Audax to make it a good choice for a second bike. I would leave consideration of that until your portfolio 'needs' a winter training or pure Audax machine.

A pure road bike will give you the greatest benefit and be the biggest contrast to what you already have.

The good news is that cheaper, aluminium frames work really well in big sizes for big blokes. What in a smaller size may be over 'harsh' often scales up to be 'taut and responsive' in the larger sizes. In the recent C+ they rated the Boardman bike from Halfords to be excellent at that sort of price point.

John Ponting

Bigtallfatbloke said:
That £7k bike up top was just a joke...realistically I need to knock a zero of that price tag
I kind of got there myself. £7k - £10k is (just about) indefensible. Bit like the cost of an F1 car compared with an 'average' car.

A problem with running a Galaxy and looking for a 'road' bike could be the gearing.

If you need the Galaxy gearing then you will need very similar gearing on a road bike (assuming you will be on similar roads & routes). Audax type bikes will have lower gearing than full-on racers but off the shelf bikes probably won't be as low as the Galaxy.

btw I have been impressed by your 2007 efforts from start to 10 day tour. My dedication and committment has been sadly lacking over the past coupole of months and I (or SWMBO) can alwaysd find something else to do instead.


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Bigtallfatbloke said:
I had thought along similar lines...but then I thought I may as well just de rack and de mudguard my would be pretty close....if I changed tyres....
IME a decent audax bike is quicker than a Galaxy and can mix it with road bikes. I've a Roberts compact audax.


What sized frame do you ride BTFB? I have a cheap colourful road bike (MKB steel) and the frame is way too large for me (I'm 6' just under) and I was going to ditch it. It has a decent set of wheels, brakes and bars. Only downside is it has the shifters on the downtube and no front derailleur. Could benefit from a new set of brake levers. It's not especially light but stripped down it's pretty fast. Might be an option if you were looking for a cheap basic model. Would need a bit of work tho'.
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