How not to sell a GPS system


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I went into Field and trek today looking at GPS systems for my bike. Very helpful, very knowledgeable and welcoming I must say. However the Gpsmap 60csx is listed in the brochure I was given as costing £474.99 reduced from £524.99 (ouch!) ...we were talking about downloding maps from the internet and I was then told to take a look at these units I found the same thing here:

for £238 :smile: this just honesty.. or poor salesman ship...personally I think th ebloke did a good job and his bosses need to get in touch with the market.


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Why do you need a GPS system on your bike?
Actually they are not a bad thing as a guide.

My main use though is as a record.

I have a "blow by blow" account of my trip including all the points where I got lost, detoured and also climbs and speeds.

Great fun to relive your tours!


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I bought the 60csx from fleabay at the start of december for 210, its a great gps device, bit large but its great


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Bigtallfatbloke said:
whatever the GPS can a retail outlet justify a £200+ price differential like that?!
They have set up a stand with various items for you to look at and handle in a heated building close to your home, along with a knowledgable person to answer your questions and advise you.
Why should anyone provide you with this service free of charge?

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Can someone enlighten an ignoramus like me. Say you're touring France this summer (I am!), do you pre-log your entire route onto the GPS before you go or do it each evening en route?
Personally I just buy local maps or road atlases and make it up as I go along with a rough idea of my preferred destination.
I quite like the idea of seeing the route of where I've been though.


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I'm the same as RP. Maps do for me as I like making the route up as I go along. If I get lost it is fun trying to get back on track through my own map reading skills. I don't need to have a gadget to tell me where to go.
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