How should I cook my aubergine tonight.


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Don't. Throw in the bin. Aubergine has no place in any recipe.


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Slice thinly as you can lengthways (use a mandolin if you have one) Brush with oil and char on barbecue. Add salt.
Use garlic infused oil and a light dusting of paprika before cooking.


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...New Tealandia
Sliced into 1cm thick slices. Lightly sautéed until golden in oil of your choice. Layered in a tomato (pasatta, bit of tomato purée and some Italian herbs) sauce, covered with a nice, slack handful of grated mozzarella and baked for 20 mins. Make a main course with some nice green veggies or a side dish with meat or wherever it is you are having. Very tasty it is too.
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