How to carry a child plus luggage?


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I wasn't sure whether to put this in Family or Touring, it's kind of both.

I normally commute to work on a hybrid, but being a commuter bike it's set up a bit more like a tourer than a hybrid, it has full mudguards and a rear rack (Tortec Tour) with a couple of altura panniers for to carry shopping and work clothing, documents etc.
My little girl has just reached one year old last month and I'd like to take her out on the bike and still carry a pannier or two for the shopping, or the baby change stuff and whatever else, but my options at my local bike shop appear to be non-starters. They have a range of child seats, but the shop assistant assures me they certainly won't fit on the bike while I have my rear rack fitted (I doubt this one, but a physical guestimate at the shop was inconclusive). They further say that I can't use panniers as the little one's feet go where the panniers are supposed to go. (This one seems to carry more weight, pardon the pun).
They basically said it's either:
1) Lose the rear rack, and fit a seat. They say there is no such thing as child seat plus panniers.
2) Fit a trailer, although even that might not fit over a rear rack. (I'm not sure about whether that would be true).

They suggested I ask on my local friendly cycle forum for ideas, and I've not been here for a while, so here I am.

Are they talking shite? Or is there a way to carry a little one plus a couple of shopping bags?

To be honest I'd rather avoid the trailer if possible as her view will be rubbish at best.


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I'm loathe to buy another set of panniers, but I'd never heard of a Weeride, let alone seen one.
I really like the look of them, so thanks for the idea, it looks great. I'll look into one some more. Cheers!


A trailer works fine with a rear rack & panniers - it's what I use.


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Trailer. Even sigle seat trailers have plenty of room round back for carrying bages etc, and a 2 seater for little more cost gives you a vast capacity.


[QUOTE 1964599, member: 45"]A Hamax Plus seat will work with the specific Hamax panniers.

I have a Hamax Siesta seat (recliner-note they are ridiculously cehap in Decathlon - £45).

They have small holes in the back of the seat for putting the straps through. Some of these are redundant. It is possible to thread straps through these and have a small bag hanging off the back of the seat. I had a kiddies cool box at the back.

It's also possible to fit a small saddle bag too. No bigger than a small Topeak Aero wedge though.

Another option is to have some bags/panniers located towards the front of the bag. A detuer triangle bag is something else I used.


Actually, I reckon it would be possible to still use side panniers on the rear with a child seat.

It'll probably be a bit of a faff first time round setting up.


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I remembered having seen this child seat when I was looking for bicycle reviews and thinking it looked like a cool idea. Not sure how old the kid is but looks pretty young to me. I think it is called a Yepp mini. All the kid needs is some mini riding glasses :laugh:
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