How to deal with close passes...


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Rather not thank you, might be okay over there but over here you'd never be able to use any cycle lanes


Best way if you are still upright, is to just wag you finger at them. They probably wont be looking, but the cars behind will and they will give you plenty of room before overtaking. And not forgetting to give them a friendly thank you wave as they pass.


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That geezer cannot ride through pedestrian barriers or underpasses and stuff. He needs a way to make it fold up vertically. How heavy is it? How does it effect the handling?

You could use it to carry a huge amount of stuff in panniers.

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(Just one article, although I've seen the thought expressed a lot this week). As ever, I rather think novelty will wear off, and have little faith in the average UK motorist concentrating long enough to notice. Could be wrong though.
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