How to embarrass a teenager!


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It's not hard to do, I know, but I couldn't resist ....

I was stopped at a set of lights on my bike when like a bat out of hell in a 40 mph zone, up comes a chav in his kitted and lowered 1.0 Saxo with boom boom boom type music blaring out, weaving in and out of traffic as he goes, and comes to a screeching halt at the lights in the other direction. A group of girls walk across the crossing, he is sitting there with shades on, looking as cool as he possibly can.

The lights change ... and he stalls!

(now here's the bit I couldn't resist!)

I sit up on my bike, point at him, laugh and shout, "No wonder you stalled it mate, it must weigh a tonne with all that body kit! Poor little engine ...".

Cue grinning and laughing from the group of girls and chav-boy goes as red as his baseball cap. :ohmy:

He starts the engine and races off, with me shouting, "Go, go go! Do it for England! Win my son, win!"

Cruel, very cruel ... but I laughed anyway! :blush:


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I like that!!!!!

Embarrass the tool.
I think a group of saxo travelling neds (do like that word) tried to chuck a can of lager at me the other day. Only problem was they chucked it from the opposite side of the car and misjudged it. The can sailed up in the air and came back down on the back of the car before landing on the road by which time I had gone past it. The can sounded at least part full so it might have put a dent in the back end of the tailgate. Don't suppose the driver was to pleased with that :blush:.
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