How to get brushes clean?


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So, when the brushes that are supposed to get gunk off the bike end up putting on more gunk than they take off, what's the solution? Is it a white spirit job? Or would a soak in degreaser spray and boiling water work? Any tips most welcome, thanks.

PS - it's the little drivechain type brushes I'm talking about like these below. I'm not (quite) daft enough to get gunk all over my frame brushes/sponges!

Cheers, Andy


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Dishwasher on a hot run ;)

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You could also try not using brushes. There are other ways to clean bikes. I tried brushes for a while, but got sick of trying to clean the brushes.

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No big secret: I just use a rag on everything, along with some Ajax spray cleaner. Carefully handled, the rag will also go between cassette cogs, front chain rings, and the parts of the derailleurs, so is very effective at cleaning the drivetrain parts.
Brushes on a bike, can't think what on earth you need them for, a cloth, if a chain gets that manky, white sprit in bottle put the chain in the bottle and a good shake, then a good oil with your choice of lube, never had to do it myself, and my last chain lasted 3,500 miles (and still life in it), cassette tip top too, trick to the chain, clean rag spin the chain backwards holding the cloth around the chain, keep doing this till no muck comes off, then a drop of lube on each link, and repeat the cleaning, only takes a couple of mins, (its called the mickle method by the way), easy to do if been out in manky conditions, ideal to dry and lube a wet chain. Cassettes well they get strip to individual cogs and cleaned from time to time, cables GT85 where the cables go in the outers and again a cloth so the excess doesn't go everywhere, rest just washed as and when. Brushes there for painting. ;)
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