How to keep it interesting?


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So I started cycling again for fitness about 2 years ago to compliment my running and it slowly became my main activity, trying to get out at every opportunity. I like exploring all the different local routes, upping my distance and speed, and messing about with Strava. Its getting a bit repetitive though so im feeling a little less motivated, Ive done around 3000 miles of fitness/leisure cycling around the area, quite comfortably cycled over 50 miles in one sitting and virtually plateaued with average speed. I still have a lot of fun mixing road cycling and trails, but I feel a little directionless if that makes sense.

I've been thinking about getting a train to somewhere different to cycle around, or cycling all day in a straight line and getting a train back, but im unsure about bikes on trains, especially with the olympics on and often ticket prices seem silly.

You could also see this thread as a "what part of cycling keeps you interested?" question too if you like :smile:


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Find different routes. Buy an OS map of your area if necessary and explore the less travelled byways. They are usually the most interesting.

Every so often, it's nice to stick the bike in the boot of the car and go to ride somewhere completely different.


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Letting yourself get lost is a good way to keep it interesting.

I rode to Southport yesterday, on an out-and-back route I've done dozens of times. When I got to the turn-around point I really fancied a change, so I went a completely different way and just guessed where I was going. I always had a vague idea of where I was and which direction I needed to go, but I had no idea what way the roads went so every junction offered a new choice. My smartphone was in my pocket so if I really got lost I could use the GPS to get home, but I didn't need it.

In the end, a journey home that can drag a little as it's all too familiar was over far quicker than I expected.


Here for rides.
Go longer. 100km in one go. Then 100 miles. Then 200km. Go shorter and faster. Find a 10km route and ride it as fast as you can. Enter a local club TT. Enter a local club TT on an inappropriate bike. Find some like-minded people to ride with. Join a club. Buy some decent 'see by' lights and ride at night. Come on a FNRttC. Take a train as you've suggested and ride somewhere new. Ride home from central London. Buy an MTB. Ride fixed. Ride round London. Ride round London on a series of Boris Bikes. Join a forum ride. Discover the joys of Southern Railway Advance Fares. Take a day off work to go riding. Enter a race. Do a sportive. Do an Audax. Build a wheel. Ride the wheels you built yourself. Do a bike maintenance course. Teach someone else to ride a bike. Help someone else buy a bike. Take a break. Set some goals. Meet them. Set some more.

Well, it works for me.;)


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if you can get off road a bit, rough trails etc woodland exploration can be loads of fun. Ive just got a CX and have had a brilliant time so far on it.

And then when I get on the light roadie, I feel like a team GB rider! :laugh:
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