How to loose 1.5kgs from your bike weight...

Fab Foodie

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
willhub said:
Loosing 1.5kg from a bike won't make you much faster on a normal ride, it's all in the mind.
This maybe true...
BUT, I was 1 min and 5s quicker round our club run circuit after the changes than the previous week...
Tyre rolling resistance and improved aerodynamic wheel set-up?
I'd certainly not done any mega training between the 2 sessions.

The bike feels much more sprightly and 'seems' to respond better to rider input... maybe that alone makes one go faster?


tyred said:
Is a chain really necessary?

If you want to go uphill, yeah! :smile:

I know this through recent experiance... even taking your bike 1 mile to the LBS is a right pain, without a chain! :smile:
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