HOW TO, repair a Wheelie-bin (badly)


I once had an old Seagull outboard which was giving trouble. Took off the cylinder head and discovered it and the cylinder were badly pitted. Filled the holes with araldite and it ran perfectly for years after.


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The throttle jammed on my VW Passat somewhere north of Inverness - a frayed cable caused it to jam wide open which was ... interesting. Fixed by cutting the cable away and attaching two shoelaces and the drawstring from my girlfriend's jacket to the throttle assembly on the carb, running it under the bonnet and in the window on the driver's side where I operated it by hand for the 200 miles or so home.


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So I took it off again and filled it up with gorilla glue.
Guess what it's just done it's second full load, of wheelie-bin contraband.
So far a good result, what’s your best repair with glue?
The capstone from my Dad's brick gatepost dislodged and he told me to use gorilla glue.

A few months later, he reversed his car into the gate post and the top half of it rolled onto the pavement... but the capstone stayed firmly in place. I gorilla glued the whole thing back together ^_^


I used the same remedy as Diogenes but on a Rover 90 where the handbrake did not work. This was for hill starts while towing a caravan as the time lag between lifting off the foot brake and transferring to to throttle was just too much. This was somewhere in the early 1960’s.
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