How to retrieve past ride data of Strava on a new phone


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I have lost my phone and had to login to Strava (free version ) with my new phone able to login but I'm not able see or retrieve my past ride details only current rides are recorded , what to do ?? Is there a way to retrieve this data ? Have lost my records of a 100 day challenge 🙄any help on this would be most appreciated
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I don't think ride details are stored on your phone but on Strava's servers.
Can you try logging in on a pc or laptop and check what's on there?

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Pretty sure all your ride details are connected to your account and not your device. I use strava on several devices and they all display my full ride history. You just need to log in with your original details, if you have created a new account then it will not be connected to your old identity.


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I’ve just changed phones today from an iPhone 5s to an iPhone X, I was unable to log in. There was an app update and once this was downloaded log in was fine and all previous ride data was there.
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