How well does your boss know you?


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So does your boss really know you?

Got into work this morning and my boss came over to me and handed me a polkadot Carrefour cap and a polkadot jersey key ring! He knows I like cycling and more than that I love hills! I may not be challenging voeckler yet but im getting there!

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Don't tell him your name Pike.


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Well, given I make stuff for Arch's shop my 'boss' probably does 'know' me rather better then most.:blush:

Mine knows me pretty well. He can tell by the sound of my feet when I come into the office, how tired I am.


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Mine is an ass.

He Thought I should give cycling up after my operation to fix my shoulder that was buggered 2years prior to that. He has been horrendous during my recovery. I've only missed two days work since the op weeks off, both due to either no sleep, or drug withdrawals. Oh and I stopped taking my pain meds as it made me make minor errors at work once in a while.

Fekkin hissed off really, can't believe the effort I have gone to to go to work. Even after the accident I was in next day. Only in the last two months have I actually been able to sleep. He keeps bringing up the odd minor error, nothing about all the good stuff. He wil get a chain ring round his head shortly.

Sorry folks, but my boss don't give a poo. This is in a big organisation.
He is a fat bar steward that doesn't exercise.


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My boss thinks I'm mad, commuting in 10 miles each way.
My colleagues think I'm mad. Or about to die on the dual-carriageways I use.

But they're used to me in the lycra. They no longer comment/smirk/etc and are buying bikes themselves


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PS, on the bright side, some of my colleagues know me way too well.

Most of them come in and say, I can't believe you ride that every day and it looks so clean. Me well it is in the office, so I won't get complaints.

I have no excuses... Like a clean bike.
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