Howden to Hornsea

NCN 65?
Haven't cycled Howden - Hull part.
Hull - Hornsea. Tarmaced up to where it crosses the A165, then just a track after there until shortly before Hornsea. I wouldn't do it on the road bike, some sections are quite rough, sort of like riding on cobbles or just muddy in present weather.
You could take some of the quieter minor roads in the area to get to Hornsea, or take a look at the national byway in the area. I do bits of the Holderness loop now and then, with diversions depending on how the whim takes me. Might even do it all this year.


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near Hornsea
Using route 65 isnt your best option. I've ridden Hornsea - Howden a few times, but wouldn't dream of going that way.
I'd head to North Newbald, through the village up Beverley road & on to Walkington Heads, follow that down to Beverley, then head out of Beverley on the A1035 which has a cycle path from Tickton to the White Cross roundabout, then turn right for a short stretch on the A165 to Long Riston, turn left into the village, then left again, then right onto Whins Lane, straight on at the crossroads& when you get to the T junction turn left. On arrival into Sigglesthorne, turn right towards Goxhill & follow this lane all the way onto Hull Road then turn left into Hornsea. Probably about 45 miles :thumbsup:
I did it the other way back in September on 26*2.0 tyres on my touring bike. Parts are very muddy, parts had a lot of glass, one area of Hull was rather rough and we didn't really want to stop and there were numerous bollards and obstacles to negotiate, because we can't be allowed to decide that roads might have vehicles on them!

As with the others, find another route!


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Thanks folks, think you're right go another way, I love it out North Newbald & beverley way. Frost morning so didn't get a long wat today. Just got a couple of hours round Howden in.
It's the area of Hull that's called 'Hull'.

As a part-time resident of North Newbald, I rode to Hornsea (and back) last year. I can't remember the details of which route I took, but it included Beverley, and was a nice day out.
Part of the route from the Hornsea direction on the TPT goes passed an Asda. It's wasn't the nice around there and we had issue with a guy there (we had had to stop and it is rare for my husband to come up with our code word for get out of here) and the area that followed wasn't brilliant either until we got to a park area and then on to a Sainsbury's. From there it improved and we have cycle through some rough places in our time and my oh is from Failsworth and was used to Oldham as a kid growing up! If he not happy about an area, it's not good news!


I lived in Hull for several years and met some really nice people there. It does have its problems, though. My next stop was (several years in) Doncaster, and I have to say I really don't like Doncaster or the majority of people I met there. Maybe I was unlucky, but I've lived in many places (LA and London, for example), so am in a good position to judge a place and its inhabitants, and Doncaster takes the biscuit.
My fair city is definitely the place to be. Why else would all those people be queuing on the A63 to get into it every morning?
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