How's my cycling? If you have any reason.....

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I was sat behind a delivery van last night, i noticed they had one of those "How's my driving? If you have any reason to blah blah, then call .....
I reckon that as a novelty someone should sell cycling jerseys with such messages on the back. What would you like printed on your top, and if the(sometimes irate) motorists were to call your number what would they say?:laugh:


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"Wobbly old git - I need lots of space" seems about right for me !


I'm tempted to have "if you can read this, back the **** off!"
I have seen some good ones with "give me 3foot" and similar on.
And one for the kids that says "My daddy cycles more miles than yours"


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For tandem riders, the old "If you can read this my wife's fallen off" is always worth a laugh...

As for me - perhaps "my other bicycle is a car"

or perhaps

"My exhaust is not emissions tested - allow at least 10 yards behind"
I used to see a motorcycle courier blatting up and down the Cromwell Road with a big,red sign on the rear of his top box:

I Brake for the Hell of it.
I like 'How's my cycling? Phone 0800-DILLIGAF'
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