I am a junky

Yes I have to admit it I am a junky. A magazine junky. I subscribe to five and occasionally buy in others. Reason for this confessional to day is that I have just had my annual detox and am about to struggle down stairs with a box load of magazines to download into the re-cycling bin at Tesco. Now before I throw them out I go through the last years copies to see if there is anything I should keep anything. The one that concerns this page; is cycling mags, (mainly, Cycling Active) I like to see other peoples routes but prefer to use Memory Map to make up my own. I do want a better AA front light than the Cateye that I use as a town light to supplement my C & B Seen country light but the mags recommended budget lights are way past my top line, I would like a decent jacket and shirt but prefer Aldi and Lidl (maybe not top quality but adequate for my use) to those previewed in the mags. I subscribe to Computer Active but rarely carry out their workshops (scared in case I balls up the computer) Nor do I buy what they recommend (though here I did buy a recommended printer and it is good) and so it goes on but I still subscribe to the bloody mags. That is my confession for today, with a bit of luck I will get out on the bike this afternoon.


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Bin the mags, stop subscribing and spend the money you`ll save on new lights or that nice jacket that you want.

Cyclechat is my magazine and its freeeeeeeeeeeeee. CC is packed with product reviews, pics, buying advice, routes, tech know how, bargain finds and more, much much more.

I never knew there was so much in it :reading:

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I used to be the same. Surely you can see a pattern? Each and every one runs out of stuff to write about and just starts repeating. I get fly fishing mags as well. Just as with cycling; the seasons are the same, the kit is the same and where you can do it is the same.

I only buy occasionally now when something (a bike or particular fly pattern) is highlighted.


Barmaid at pubs works for one of the publishers who churns out about 30 of them. All sorts cycling I think is included. Her favourite is STEAM TRAINS. She is about 25? She can of course afford to become addicted as she gets them free!


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There's also some wonderful photos in CC as well.
I've seen your photos :whistle:
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