I Bought a Drone

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Yeah but I've ordered these and they won't be going back and if I'm also going senile so be it!! 🧐



It arrived from Amazon yesterday.

I looked at the box, thought "What the hell do I want this for", and sent it back unopened.

I think I'm going senile.

I was thinking about it for a while myself.

I wondered if you could get it to follow you whilst out in the bike, as I reckon I could get some nice footage on some of the rides I do over the year.


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I have been thinking of getting a drone for quite a while. Choosing the right one and would I really use it? Yes..No...Yes...No?

Then I watch Miriam Kennedy on YouTube. Touring Ireland on her Brompton and realise I really need a drone and a Gopro to go and find these places and film them.

She does a great job of filming, making it interesting and finding new places. She has a lovely voice.

Its worth watching.

View: https://youtu.be/nX9JnWmoHzk?si=lk3oq9QopuGote2P
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I was going to, but I forgot - I must be going sea lion... :whistle:

I was going to then something otter came up


Isn't the secret to these vlogs, the quality of the video editing? Have tried to edit videos before and it is a reel (ho-ho) skill.

Yes I think you are right.

My interest doesn't really lie in producing snappy videos for likes on YouTube (thankfully) more just recording my rides in interesting places. YouTube is just a very handy place to store them all. :okay:


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My friend bought an £800 drone.
It’s a fantastic bit of kit but he hardly uses it as the novelty soon wears off and everyone hates you when you’re flying it near people.

Yes, my son-in-law (a gadget freak) did the same. I am waiting patiently for him to have a "clear out" and, give me the Drone. ;)
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