I done it!


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Deal, Kent
02/08/2006 weight was 116 kgs.

07/08/2007 weight 98 kgs!

next goal 90 kgs.

Have to say this is with the help of my Dr. I was taking a drug called Xenical until January This stops the body absorbing fat. If you eat it you poo it.

Then switched to Reductil in May this is an appitite suppressent.

and bingo 18 kgs weight loss!


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I've lost a sniff over four stones since February.


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Well done you guys, it takes a lot of hard work and determination to make permanent changes to your life style, it is far easier to fall into bad habits than it is to get out of them!!


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Funnily enough, yes!

Bearing in mind I'm nowhere near thin, as I'm still overweight, not yet being in the healthy BMI range, I've also had someone ask me if I'm ill :ohmy:. Then there's the well-meaning souls who, when I was very overweight thought they just had to be able to tell me, in no uncertain terms, how I needed to lose weight and now tell me not to become anorexic :ohmy:. Then there's the ones who have also been trying to lose weight, have been unsuccessful and now don't speak to me :angry:. Then there's those who tell me that they can't understand why I'm not looking like a stick-insect due to all the cycling I do :angry:. Then there's those who see me eat a bit of cake (there's no such thing as a banned food on WeightWatchers, I diarise all I eat, so I allow myself the odd 'treat' built in to my overall food intake) and say "Should you be eating that as you're on a diet?" :angry: This is often followed by "I couldn't eat that if I was on a diet." followed by a smug look. Twerps, the lot of them. :angry: I feel like saying, "Actually, yes I can have the odd bit of xxxx, as it doesn't do me any harm, having lost four stones since February." before smacking them about the head with a large frozen block of lard ;).

Sadly for me, I put on weight very easily, even though I do *lots* of exercise and I have to be exceedingly careful about what I eat & how much. For me there's a very, very fine line between eating sufficent to lose/maintain weight healthily & putting weight on (in vast quantities, not just the odd pound or two) so I have to be very alert to what I'm eating & when I'm eating it. Unfortunately I'm not one of those who can seemingly eat anything and not gain weight. I will never be able to relax about food intake. :sad:


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Talk about passive-aggressive! They're just jealous, Waffers.
I put on and lose weight fairly easily, but it now sticks around longer now that I am over 40.
Edit: and well done Chris!

Mr Phoebus

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Well done, Waffles, the proof's in the pudding... (so to speak!)
You're losing weight whilst still eating healthily.
Well done too!! Chris.


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domtyler said:
Sorry Waffly! Hope I didn't put my foot in it too badly. I'm not exactly an expert in this area.
No problem. ;) I openly admit to being hyper-sensitive on weight issues:blush:. It comes from years of being treated as a third-class citizen by virtue of being overweight and 'natch all overweight people are lazy, lacking in self-control, do naught but sit on a sofa stuffing their bloated faces with cake & chips all day etc., etc and the usual stuff put out by too many who usually haven't ever had a weight 'problem' themselves and are all too often very willing to tell you how pathethic an individual you are if you are overweight. But as my teenage son has told me in the past "Mum, you are overweight compared to many of my mates's mums, but they can't get on a bike & do a fifty-mile bike ride and you can get on a bike ride fifty miles." Now I'm slimmer than some, but will always, always, be super-sensitive about weight issues.

Even when I was very overweight I'd exercise regularly, be it cycling, walking or dancing. But I had other health problems in the past which left me with long-term problems as regards weight.

Yes, there are lazy indivduals who don't eat sensibly or do exercise, but for many, the weight thing isn't quite as simple as that.


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wafflycat said:
Yes, there are lazy indivduals who don't eat sensibly or do exercise, but for many, the weight thing isn't quite as simple as that.
I can't bring myself to believe that. I used to be overweight and I know I was firmly in the greedy & lazy bracket. I can accept that some overweight people have other issues, but not "many".

This may seem pedantic, but unless the vast majority of the obese accept the reality of their situation the current lardiness that afflicts the nation will never be resolved.
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