I don't know how this happened!

Pat "5mph"

A kilogrammicaly challenged woman
I had a BSO, maybe saw the light of day six times a year.
I decided to commute to work by bike, LBS sold me a Boris bike, because he said BSO was on his way to self disintegration.
True enough, a few months later BSO disintegrated, but Boris is perfect for the commute.
Fast forward another few months, I feel the need to give Boris a rest, in case he gets overworked, decides to go on strike.
My LBS says, why do you want another, when you got Boris?
A bit of flea market watching here and there, Boris remain an only child.
Eventually I get myself to another LBS, adopt a sibling for Boris, all is well, Speedy (Gonzales) joins the fold, a bit of tinkering, both work like clockwork, I ride everywhere on my daily business: what more can a girl ask for?
BSO is taken apart, new bits bought, one day it will live again!
But wait: what's this email in my inbox saying? An item (..) has been re-listed ... near you, wanna see it?
'cmon, it's so cheap you can use it as spare parts ...
Turns out that Maurine (oh, she's cheap, £ 35.00) needs nothing but a good wash and a lube: her chunky tyres are just the job for that trail up the road I'm planning to explore.
So, how did that happen?
Not even a year ago I had to ask how to use my gears, yesterday I tighten up my brakes in a flash, today I own 3 bikes + a project.
I blame the weather: before the climate change I would have spent all my spare time in the garden.:huh:


When I grow up I wanna be you :smooch:
What a difference a bike makes eh?!
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