I feel sorry for those on holiday today...

...especially those who normally cycle to work. They will have missed out on the best morning in ages. Nice and cool, sunny with blue skies and incredibly quiet roads. What a great morning to cycle in! :sad::thumbsup:

I must admit I couldn't help talk out loud a couple of times to exclaim my glee. :smile:

I might post a video later if I have a chance!


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LOL i will agreee with you, this morning i broke my cycle to work record with 7.5 miles in 21 minutes, i had an engergy boost from the weather :sad:

Eoin Rua

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Was on the bike from 8 to 9, absolutely beautiful morning in Edinburgh...seemed like everyone was in a better mood - got a fair number of "good morning"'s along Portobello promenade! Got a call into work for this afternoon so won't get out for a row or cycle till later this evening...hope ya'll have a good day!


With three kids, I don't get lie ins anyway. If I was at home I'd be getting the kids dressed, sorting their breakfast, cleaning up after them, getting them ready to go out to do something.....

As much as I love them, this morning, the cycle was my preferred choice! :smile:


I went in today and took a more leisurely pace than normal. I decided to enjoy the run rather than attempt a PB. Anyway, my pleasure at working today is that the weather is distinctly cool and we have some rain. Whereas, I am taking Wed off and the forecast is looking much better. I might get a decent ride in on Wed.
It's not my holiday..It's my Restday...We don't get Bank Hoilidays as "holidays" anymore (or days off)...anyway I've probably commuted on more Bank Holidays than Magnatom ever will.

Oh yeah also on a side note...the Bank Holiday "jobs" at work tend to be a pile of poop anyway...

Normally I find for the rest of the week it's quiet anyway.


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I am off today and i have just got back in from a 25 miler.

Cool enough to be nice and great as i was not sure how far i could go as i normally just do a 10 mile each way commute and nothing else. I could have gone further but i had not eaten before it besides breakfast and i could tell my energy levels were getting low,i did not take any extra energy as i had only planned a 10 miler but went for it .


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Day off, sun shining. 35 miles over Fenwick Moors to Eaglesham and back. Lots of cyclists out on the old A77 with its dedicated two-way cycle lane. Much better than work!
Stephen-D said:
LOL all you people off today i hate you with more jealousy :laugh:

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm bed....................
I've got a 2 x seven day stints coming up so Im not jealous of myself.:smile:

(Wonder if I will make 100 commutes by the end of June)

Yes just calculated 102 it will be...


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Oh it's great to be off. Lie in, no cycle into Central London, just a nice 35 miler out the other way into Kent.

Oh and as a civil servant, tomorrow is the day off that we get in lieu of the Queen's birthday (god bless her majesty!). :smile:
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