I finally got myself a Brommie S6L


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I'd wanted a Folder for ages, but didn't want to take the plunge with an expensive bike until I knew I'd get on with one as they're very different to my CX, (and Defy2, Trek Fuel EX9 that I've sold on recently.)
I managed to buy a Raleigh Evo-2 for £210 from Halfords before they ran out of stock. The chap said it was quite probably the last one in Northamptonshire.
This is when the World shut down.
I enjoyed the Evo but it is very heavy, 16kg, and still quite large when folded, and the gearing is extremely spinny but it gave me the yearning for a better Folder.
Last Friday, after checking stock and a few friendly emails with Brompton Junction in Camden Market, I caught the train to London and bought myself an S6L and took it around London for a 25 mile ride.


My bike, arrowed.


Best pic I could get of the shop as the road is dug up!


My Brompton in Brompton Square.. It had to be done!! 😊


First impressions? Love it 😍
The gearing is great. The 16" wheels (as opposed to the 20" on the Raleigh) were a bit twitchy at first, but I soon got used to it.. The C17 saddle will take some breaking in, but my ass is tough enough to beat it :laugh:

I'm quite a happy chappy! 😎

The plan, now, is to sell the Evo-2. I've seen them up for £180/£200 so I've not lost much. New at Halfords, they're now £300!


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Brilliant. I got my M6L just over a week ago on my birthday, they are brilliant aren't they.

I've done about 100 miles on mine so far and comfort is brilliant. I have the -12% gearing version, which I was not sure about when I ordered but after hitting the 15% section of a climb yesterday, i was glad about it.


Definitely, as someone significantly north of 6' there is no way I could ever ride one and not look like a clown though.
They’re really adaptable, our 11 year old grandson loves to ride the one with S bars, he’s 4’10”. I’m 5’ 10” and prefer the more upright M bars ( as does our daughter who’s 5’ 6” ) I think the maximum recommended rider height is 6’ 8”
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