I give up


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Bromley, Kent
I've been trying to find a decent club to join when I move to Oz Next year and can I find one thats near by or has a decent website that states where they meet for club runs etc? no
Try and be more specific!
Which state, city, town are you heading to?
Otherwise ping RustyChisel.
twentysix by twentyfive said:
Do you know Oz as well Dayvo?

Nah, just my way around Google! :tongue: :blush: (I could have pretended, though xx().
Spent six months in Sydney playing cricket and partying many years ago, and have always had a lot of Aussie mates from cricket, travelling and living abroad.
However, a ride across/round the country is in the very early stages of being dreamed about! :sad:
twentysix by twentyfive said:
Good Oh xx(. Stop dreaming tho' and get on with it :biggrin:. And post some piccies when you get back :sad: :blush:

Dreaming about NW USA to SE USA first, possibly next winter! :tongue:
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