i have a triple tandem bike ask me anything about riding it.

Brompton Bruce

Coffeeeeeeeee pleeeeease
Is light a particle or a wave?
Loch side.
Do you have two wives?

Tandems cause divorce, and a double divorce will be expensive.

dave soi

1 handling on my own is fine
2 i can keep about 1.5 metres between the stokers
3 it wont fit in a car even without both wheels but can be put into a van no problem. thats the way it was delivered to me was in the back of a van
4 i havent tried stirring from the other seats nor is that a good idea
5 no i didnt get it from the goodies lol nor do i have two wives that would bankrupt me
6 i think bot wheels have 48 spokes but am not sure the wheels are 26s
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