I need a Brompton


mr_cellophane said:

If you can outsprint Roberto Heras to win the BWC, you're one hell of a rider;)

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You'd be doing quite well to win that race. I took part in the 2008 race and Roberto Heras and some other quite tasty Spanish cyclists turned up. Heras only came 2nd surpringly. The winner was a small chap who accepted his prize (of a new Brompton) with a baby strapped to a back. I know a woman who would have walked the ladies' race that year, but she was away. The next year, some semi-professional cyclist took the prize. I came 25th, having put in some serious, serious effort. I don't know where I came among those Brompton racers who hadn't replaced their pedals with SPDs.


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You'd have to already a household name to have a chance of winning that - the top 5 were all known in the world of time trialling and road racing. I finished 38th in 25:14 having raced the TT an hour before. Started next to Hutch and struggled to hold on to his wheel in the first 400m.
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