i need to break it


god knows why i dont as it destroys me the majority of the time why do i put up with it it just kills me this

When CHARLIE has you pinned in a tiny foxhole in Poonnang :ohmy: and it's raining mortars:B):biggrin::B), do you blub like a girl? :sad::thumbsup:

Hell no!!!! Come one, lets sing together and raise our RUDDY spirits. :biggrin::biggrin::tongue::tongue:
Who knows the words to Eskimo Nell? :tongue::tongue:


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I am sure most people will be very understanding if you feel you want to tell us what it is that you need to "Break". There are lots of people on here who have been through or are going through very difficult times.
Did you read any of the "Stress" thread. I am not saying you are suffering from stress, but it would give you an idea of how people will try to help if they can.

I am sure that someone would be able to suggest something or someone that could help. There may be people who have been in a similar situation to the one that you find yourself in. There's lots of people "in here" who would be understanding and sympathetic. I am not sure what else to say really, except that I hope you feel able to talk to us about it.


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What do you want to break - wind? Remember that home is the place where you can far if you want to!


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Two choices:

-run at it shouting and waving your arms.
-keep quiet and don't move so that it doesn't perceive you as a threat and goes away.
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