I need your Sympathy


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Slightly less funny. I've had a bit of a reaction but not at the sting site. Very large swelling just below the throat on the upper chest. Sting site was on the right side of my neck. So the poison was heading for my ticker. :sad:

Spoke to a pharmacist who reassured me :thumbsup:

More sympathy please :laugh:
More sympathy?

You were only stung on your neck. There's worse places than that he could have gone for, and got.


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Once had a wasp fly into my cycling jersey on a warm day where it stung me repeatedly. I would have wept with the pain but I am made of sterner stuff so I affected an angry scowl and pedalled furiously with one hand on the bar and the other clutching the affected area. It's possible that I may have texted "woe is me, i am undone, avenge me" at some point but it's all a bit of a blur to be honest
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