I rescued a hedgehog today, I think

Night Train

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Well done!

Should keep it for slug control in the garden.:thumbsup:

Night Train

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We used to have a resident 'hog on the green in front of my house. My poor dog found it one day, with her nose, and couldn't resist returning to check it out, repeatedly.
I wimpering dog leaping backwards is very funny to watch. :rofl:


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I rescued a hedgehog once too.
I saw this weird creature wandering in the middle of the road about midnight on my way home. I pulled over and found it was a hedgehog with it's head stuck in a yoghurt pot ( the kind that's narrower at the top than the base)
It took some strong pulling while holding firmly onto the hapless prickly hog.
Poor little bugger might have had his head stuck in there all day for all I know.
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