I saw a pedestrian take out a cylist yesterday

I was out walking with two of my daughters (age 2 and 4) and saw a man try and run across the road from the other side to our side. Unfortunately he ran straight into a passing cyclist as he started to cross and took her out ;). He got up, said a couple of words to her and then tried running across the road again. This happened ahead of us on the other side of the road and she was up and riding again before he walked past us but I don't think he was that concerned for her well being, given that she was at least sixty and hit the tarmac with him on top of her. He seemed more concerned with crossing the road quickly and was gone before she was back on her feet properly. He looked a bit embarrassed if anything.

I know in a motoring accident when someone gets hurt it should be a police matter but what would happen if she had been injured? Are there any legal requirememnts/rules regarding accidents between cyclists and pedestrians or pedestrians and pedestrian or cyclists and cyclists for that matter?

By the time he reached us the lady in question was moving again and there seemed little point in me confronting him especially as it would have meant moving my kids next to the dual carriage way. I would have at least asked him to stop if she was still on the floor and I would have checked to see if I could help her also.
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