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Booked to see the Beautiful South live last year when I could have, thinking I'll put it off for a year. They have now split up (since Feb) so will never get to see them although I own all their albums. :biggrin::sad:

What are your biggest regrets in life?

I still kick myself over a number of times I had 'it' offered to me on a plate and didn't take the opportunity. Damn, damn damn!

Elmer Fudd

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When working in Cork had a chance of a ticket to see U2 in Dublin, their home town at cost price. Sadly, I realised it was the w/end I should be flying to Brum to see my (then) 11yr old daughter.
I did the right thing (I think) and went to see me daughter, regret not going to see U2 though, but all I have to do is think of the hug and kiss I got off her at Brum International and it's all back in perspective.

I did the right thing.

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My mum telling me at 16 that I was too young to go to see Thin Lizzy's farewell concert. She tried to make me feel better by saying "They'll be back together in 2 years". 2 years later Phil Lynott was dead. Thanks Mum.


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"Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention..."

That line from "My Way" always got me wondering. If Frank Sinatra had more than just a few regrets, it would have been a pretty long song.

My regrets are (in no particular order): Kathryn, Emily, Jane, Melanie, Lisa, Nicky, Nikki, Emma, Treasure, Jo, etc....


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Twenty Inch said:
My mum telling me at 16 that I was too young to go to see Thin Lizzy's farewell concert. She tried to make me feel better by saying "They'll be back together in 2 years". 2 years later Phil Lynott was dead. Thanks Mum.
I went to see Thin Lizzy in the 70s - they were bloody good. You really wanted to know that, didn't you..

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bonj said:
not seeing nofx in 2003 at download at castle donnington.
Slightly OT. Best group I have never seen was the stereophonics. They were playing at Donny when I lived in Shepshed, a barmaid at my local lived in Donny backing on to the course so it was sun, beer, barbie and live music in her back garden. Excellent night !


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Really? They could really rock out when they put their minds to it but a lot of their songs were whiny ballad-ey mince. Underachievers - could have done so much better. (IMO of course).

Telling her how I felt before it was too late. However, then I would never have met Mrs. C and had the best 9 years of my life and a sprog to boot. So, maybe not.

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My first wife - cost me the best part of 10 years and an arseload of money.



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I'm still trying to decide how much I will regret not buying Crowded House tickets before they sell out.
I regret that they got back together! That means that seeing their free farewell concert on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, will no longer be their final show.

Biggest regret, after recently being made redundant for the sixth time, getting into the construction industry.:biggrin:


My dads mate offered me his Rolex for a hundred quid a few years back. He was deadly serious and would have done the deal if I had shaken his hand. I can't remember how it came up in conversation but he wasn't short of cash or anything at the time.

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I didn't start going to gigs until quite late in life - so I sort of regret that a bit. And I never did get "under the hour".

But my biggest regret must be ignoring the symptoms and becoming very ill and now I have to manage the syptoms daily with medication and technique.:biggrin:


laurence said:
one of my biggest regrets is going to see the Beautiful South at one of their first gigs - i was a Housemartins fan.

dreadful dreadful gig.

I was a big housemartins fan but imho the bs were better, i saw there last gig at sheffield arena and they were fantastic, they came on dressed like communist workers- no need for tight jeans and big stage sets- the music said it all. Sad they ended but all things do.
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