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Just realised I didn't get up early and prep all the veg, put everything in the slow cooker and will be not coming home to a yummy smelling house:sad: to use the mince up, quick tea idea's please... !


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Hate to start with a 'yeah-but', but I always think beef mince recipes really need to involve at least a couple of hours lo-heat cooking, otherwise the meat tends to be a bit rubbery. That to one side, I've never had anyone complain about a shepherd's pie, and all you need apart from the meat is a few onions and carrots, potatoes and stock.


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Can't beat spaghetti bolognaise... fry an onion until golden, [add garlic, salt, pepper and oregano if you already have them] then add mince until it loses it's raw colour, add a couple of tins of tomatoes + a dollop of any red wine- you could add a chopped carrot or a teaspoon of sugar to reduce the tomatoes' acidity if you want. Simmer for 40 minutes + boil the spaghetti for the last 10 minutes until just tender.... mix all together- should last for about 3 nights' teas! If you keep the spaghetti and the sauce separate you can then add chilli powder, more garlic and a tin of cooked + drained red kidney beans after the second evening's tea to make it into chilli con carne to last another 2 nights!

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Onion, potato and carrot, salt and pepper. Boil potatoes, bung everything into frying pan, season and make a hash!
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