If I were a rich man...yodle yo dodle dodle dodle dodle dodle dum...

Why is a gentleman of your worth messing around looking at "entry level" bikes?

C+ Magazine this month have reviewed a new STORCK that hits £10,000. The same magazine issue also reviews 4 £700 racers.

One end of the scale to ...
It's expensive because a) it's a Cannondale ;) it's a team replica and c) it's mostly made of carbon... at this level it's definitely the law of diminishing returns as to whether the extra X thousand quid is going to make that much difference to the quality of your ride...


More serious cyclist than Bonj
Its so you can dress up with all the team gear, and ride the bike. People will think your in that team and want your autograph.
Thats worth that much isnt it?

The bike looks nice. I like how everything matches. Would look real nice with some black mudguards.
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