I'm feeling bad about being a cheating bastard

The remains of Sunday's chicken. Hmmm............big bag of stickered mushrooms in the Co-Op. Ditto strawberries - and the eclairs are pretty ok. So......mushrooms and onions fried up - add the Sunday gravy and a couple of chicken oxos (we don't take prisoners in this neck of the woods) extra plain flour and thyme. Tastes ok - let it cook through, then into a large flat vessel. Draw blinds, so the neighbours don't see that I don't always make my own pasty midweek, and get Jus Rol puff pastry from fridge. Over the top and glaze with egg yolk. It's not like a chicken pie in the chippy, but it works. Bang in oven. Fry up roasties from Sunday. Peel carrots. Some peas too. Slice strawberries to go with eclairs and dash of cream.

I forgot - celery was looking good, so I got a stick to go with some cream crackers and Stilton


De Skieven Architek... aka Penfold + Horace
What's for tomorrow's tea...


Corn Fed Hick...
...on the slake
I'm having Italian flatbread, with a tomato paste, hand-scattered with various "toppings". ☺

Posh cheese on toast.
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