I'm loving the new forum layout

Notifications seem to work much more reliably as well.


Agreed - but I'd like the main index page heading fonts just a little smaller - they're overpowering (although the style seems to be becoming the norm with more and more web stuff) - I'm one for detail, not shouty stuff!



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Generally prefer the appearance.

Some minor issues getting used to it. But that's mainly because I'm old, stupid and set in my ways.

It took me a while to figure out how to display only watched threads with unread posts - but I've done it now. (What's new/New posts/set filters/save as default).

Removal of "Ignore nodes" is a bit of a minus. I've figured out how to get to the same functions on the new setup but it's nowhere near as friendly as "ignore nodes". However I only need to use that feature very occasionally so I can live with that.


Makes my eyes ache.

Doesn't seem to work as well on my phone


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I'm not so keen. Nothing specific, so it may be a case of just not being used to it. The "dark" setting doesn't seem to do anything?

A question, if I may be so bold? The Cafe is far and away the busiest, most frequented sub forum, so why is it close to the bottom, the farthest away, hardest to get to? I know, you can't please all the people.

But all this aside, fair play to Shaun for his efforts in keeping the place updated, slick and stable. Its east to moan, but the time and effort involved- not to mention the shekels - isn't insignificant.


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Yes, thanks for all of your hard work @Shaun. This new version does seem better on my phone.

I agree about reducing the size of some of the text though, or perhaps unbolding it?

One thing I am curious about - as a rough percentage figure, how many forum accesses are via a mobile device these days? I would guess about 50%, but it may be even more than that?


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Main one's for me are the Chinese/Japanese text top and bottom. and the reappearance of the Up/Down arrows on the right hand side(keep hitting them).


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I'm not so keen. Nothing specific, so it may be a case of just not being used to it. The "dark" setting doesn't seem to do anything?
Yes, the main colouring is low contrast and harder to read. Too much black on grey and mid-blue on mid-grey. Can we have an easier theme, please? Else I'll remind myself how to do "user site stylesheets" or whatever they're called.

Some layout changes are great, though, like the permanent navigation header.
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