I'm off...

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Salford, UK
... to finish knitting nephew Oli's cardigan, and then on Monday I'm off to meet the little chap for the first time!

I may sneak some internet time, but I think my sister's hoping I can help her catch up with some hoovering etc, so play nicely while I'm away, and I'll see y'all when I get back in a week or so...


nothing in moderation
and i know what tune you'll be whistling…

see you next week!


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Have a nice time Arch, hope you enjoy meeting the little chap!

PS, Once you've finished knitting his Cardy I am after a Willy warmer for the coming winter months, any chance?

Andy in Sig

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That's a real spoil sport website pp given that the things are supposed to avoid embarrassment on cold days thus removing an innocent source of much pleasure to the male half of the population!


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Birmingham, UK
I'm freaked out by that G-string - it's like a merkin. :smile::ohmy:
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