I'm trying to get more detail on this bike, please don't laugh


My son has bought a Raleigh Rapide serial number NB7105224. I've had a go at tracking it down online and came up with 1977 which looks a bit early to me. He was going to use the frame for a fixed but now he has ridden the bike is thinking of restoring it. Is there an easy way of tracking down a catalogue to see what it looked like in its original form?
Do you have any pictures ?


Raleigh were run by bean counters and the frame number will be spot on. Just have to remember that as the numbers ran for more than a decade the year number can be repeated. 1975-1985.etc.


The Rapide from the early 80s was 531 framed. About 86 they brought out your version which had a much lower spec: 18-23 steel frame, lesser mechanicals etc. It's still a nice bike to ride and good-looking too, just be aware that if your son spends lots on it he probably won't recoup the costs. Most bikes of this era, unless it's been really abused/neglected, only really need a strip down, greasing and replacement of wear & tear items and they're good to go.
I can't find a catalogue that shows them but there's a few pics from this classified ad that might be of some use to you


Thanks Mikey. It is the lower spec version as it has the 18-23? carbon sticker on it, so '87 rather than '77. I might suggest he goes down the fixed route as he originally thought.


raleighnut said:
So not valuable but here's the snag................................they ride really nicely
As you commented on one of my threads, a cheap hi-tensile frame can still ride well if it has the right geometry for it's intended use. My old Puch 3-speed roadster is only a cheapo bike but the way it rides is really pleasant and relaxing.
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