Imaginary friends ???


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Doms post reminded me.
Whos chillblains have or had imaginary friends ?

Our grandson had one called Douglas :biggrin: when he was about two or three.

It used to give us a great laugh at times...once when the wife sat next to him in the car....he looked horrified at her as she sat down and shouted..'NANNY, YOU'RE SITTING ON DOUGLAS' :ohmy::ohmy::ohmy: :biggrin::biggrin:

Once we took him on holiday to Weymouth, took him on the eggcup rides. He sat there, contented and happily wizzing round....he got off and walked up the road with us.....:ohmy::ohmy: After 20 or so yards, he screamed and started to pull us back....' YOU'VE FORGOTTEN DOUGAS'....'HE'S STILL IN THE RIDE ;):biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Douglas i ask you...we never figured out where he got the name from. Hardly common nowadays.

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Not had that one but did have a niece who took a rag doll everywhere with her and spoke about it as if it were a living thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yep my 4 year old had one called "Timi" who seemed to be responsible for anything that shouldn't be done and she often used to hold conversations with him. Seemed to stop after 6 months.


my younger sister used to have one when we lived in Southend, one day she let out a horrid scream and say the imaginary friend was lying in the road covered in blood, to much scrambling around from all present

some week slater one of the old timers on the road said our house had been hit by a bomb in the war and the girl sleeping in my sister's bedroom had been blown out into the street and killed

our houe was different to the other where it had been rebuilt, spooky shoot


>imaginary friends

..are supposed to be ghosts or something as children can supposedly see these things...and adults cant because as we get older we seperate away from the etheral aspect of life...



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My eldest had one .... can't remember her name, but what suprised me most was when a friend came around to play, that she played with her as well:smile:.

The other 2 didn't but perhaps they had siblings to play with instead?


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I have a group of imaginary friends... we write messages that each other can see, some to do with our favourite hobby, cycling, and others about tea, or planning to take a jersey all round the uk... I'm not sure if they're real people or not, but ....:biggrin:
never had one and can't understand the concept. it's just weird.

it sounds more as if the kids have invented a 'friend' as they're unhappy about something and can't talk to family members about it.


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Tynan, you made the hairs on the back of my neck go up!

yes, I'm hard boiled and cynical but I had/have no answers to that one at all ...

we didn't even know that the house had been bombed
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