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Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by Dogtrousers, 18 Jul 2018.

  1. Dogtrousers

    Dogtrousers Kilometre nibbler

    Every year at about this time we notice, with some surprise, that the racing in the Tour isn't as exciting as we'd like. Something Must Be Done we say.

    This isn't new. Back in the day Henri Desgrange would make wholesale changes almost every year: Purely points based to cumulative time. Trade teams to national teams. Bans on various kinds of equipment. And so on.

    So let's have your suggestions for fixing the broken Tour. Please don't think too hard about possible unfortunate consequences of your proposed changes. Be bold. ;)
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  2. Gary E

    Gary E Veteran

    On-bike weaponry?
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  3. Gary E

    Gary E Veteran

    Jousting lances would be a hoot :smile:
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  4. Mugshot

    Mugshot Guru

    No race radios and 6 in a team. All riders have to change bikes at exactly the halfway point of each stage, even if it's halfway up a mountain,, BUT one of the teams has had a bike removed and they don't know which one it is until they reach the bike swap.
  5. Mugshot

    Mugshot Guru

    Like Mario Kart? That'd be good actually, they could throw their bottles and half eaten sandwiches at one another.
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  6. Rooster1

    Rooster1 I was right about that saddle

    Give the ladies their version and watch that instead. A full version, not just one stage.
  7. KneesUp

    KneesUp Veteran

    Teams of 10 but at least 5 women per team. Simultaneously makes female tour possible without much difficulty, makes dominance of one team less likely and makes it more inclusive.
  8. ozboz

    ozboz Über Member

    Richmond ,Surrey
    I’ve not been following the tours for very long so cannot really offer any suggestions that may be feasible,
    But... it has been said ..... that there is always room for improvement ,
    Also ........... if it’s not broke, don’t fix it ,

    It’s not boring to me : most likely because I’m a newbie follower ,
    Stages 10 & 11 were good viewing I thought , I’ll miss it today due to work related stuff , but I’ll deffo watch the highlights ,
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  9. Crackle

    Crackle ...

    Let's see what this year's shorter stage brings. I think it's those kind of tweaks that need making.........

    Alternatively, as it's France, during the race the riders have to negotiate a number of obstacles, roads blocked by farmers up in arms over fruit imports from Spain, tyres burning in the road creating an obstacle course. At the end of the stage, no transport to the hotel due to everyone being on strike, no food when they get there as they're late.and the kitchen is closed, appeals met with a gallic shrug and a stale baguette....
  10. Bazzer

    Bazzer Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.

    Mixed sex teams of 6 and make each stage a variation of the team time trial. The first team rider over the line is allocated a time based upon the average of his/her teams first four riders over the line. Other team riders are awarded their individual times.
  11. alicat

    alicat Guru

    No support - they have to fix their own bikes.
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  12. alicat

    alicat Guru

    And bring their own sarnies.
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  13. Milkfloat

    Milkfloat Veteran

    No race radios and no power meters would liven it up considerably, I don't think much else would be needed.
  14. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    A cyclocross stage.
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  15. Joffey

    Joffey Über Member

    Motors - but not hidden! You could have a 'fan-boost' like they had on Formula E - you all vote on Twitter and the winner gets 400 watts for 1 minute on the final climb or something.

    You could also use these motors like an F1 style DRS system with these motors, instead of drafting you could press a little button and fly right by with a 200 watt 30 second boost.

    But seriously:

    Maybe cut down on a first week of long flat stages. Stage 1 being the 65km Stage 17 route, really brutalise the start leaving gaps to encourage better riders to be let go in breaks. I'd also neutralise stages with regards to GC timings at 10km so the GC teams can keep out of the way of sprints.
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