In Praise of Helmets

Discussion in 'Helmet Discussions' started by grellboy, 30 Dec 2016.

  1. grellboy

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    I don't always wear a helmet - can't be arsed, sartorial choice, "it's only my usual route and it's not busy" - but yesterday I drove from the balmy Norfolk coast to see my mum in hospital in the (relatively speaking) hills of Kent. I knew the visiting hours weren't til two, so I chucked my bike in the back and set off to climb some short but steep hills. As an afterthought I discarded my usual hat for my helmet. Not 10 minutes aftet setting off on my bike I was halfway up a hill on a bend when a car came down towards me. I moved over to give myself some room, apparently straight onto some black ice. Wallop! Straight down in the blink of an eye. My hip took the brunt but followed by my head smashing onto the tarmac. And yet, due to the helmet, the only thing that is sore today is my hip, with an exciting looking bruise developing. Ironically, if I hadn't had a helmet on, then my visit to my mum in hospital would have been done in the back of an ambulance rather than walking in as I eventually did. So I guess what I am saying is, if anybody out there is foolish/vain/lazy like I sometimes am and doesn't bother with the helmet then please think again before stepping out the door. As the saying goes, it ain't cool to drool.
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