In Praise of Slime


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Did the High Peak Trail yesterday went from Middleton Top past Parsley Hay then turned around & came back, should have had my goggles & snorkel on it was that bad, along with side winds it appeared no matter what direction I was travelling.

As I came back to Middleton top the bike started to move around quite a bit, looking down at the rear tyre I could see it was starting to deflate but pressed on as I was less than 1/2 mile from the carpark, got to the car & it was well soft, strapped to the the car when I got home to find it completely flat.

The tube was about 2 years old I think but has done a good job, but it has been replaced with another I wouldn't have got to the car without it.



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In a minute somebody will come along and say it is a messy stuff that sprays all over the place and fails to repair a 3 inch split, so a waste of money. You and I know different of course.


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My experience with green slime was not good as @screenman says I am that person who says it sprays all over the place, it didn't seal what was a small hole in the tube, I am not saying its a waste of money though, one of the grandsons has a MTB with slime tubes fitted from new and it sealed a puncture very well, I was impressed how good it was, I run tubeless on all my wheels the sealant works well, if I was to go back to tubes I would put some sealant in, don't think
i would use the green stuff though.


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I used to slime up in my commuter, and never suffered a complete flat as a result. On one occasion I'd gone through some thorns and it held. When I eventually took the tube out I had to peel it off the inside of the tyres where the thorns were grabbing at it, but the slime held on.

It's not perfect and had some minor downsides, but having tried them all it was, in my experience, the method most likely to allow me to complete my journey without a flat.


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I've used a slime tube on the rear wheel of my commuter for some years, I've found it helpful. Got away with a number of punctures that would have required repair (fixed gear and mudguards so getting the rear wheel out is a bit annoying). I expect some tubeless sealant in the tube would be better but the slime tubes have worked well-enough for me and I can get them in Wilcos.


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The main hazard round here is scratters deliberately smashing glass on the payclepaths. You NEED slime or Marathon Plus tyres, or you have to stay on the road.
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