In praise of the Deuter Bike One


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So I've been using a Carradice for the last 7 years but on Monday the frame for it broke so today I dragged out my old Bike One backpack. It's still a great pack even though it's now well over 15 years old. There are pros and cons with it. The weight is now on my bike which makes the bike lighter but me heavier. It's easier to find stuff in the backpack as there are more pockets. I also feel my laptop is a bit more secure as it's inside in a pocket against my back rather than hanging over the back wheel


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Sweaty back?


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My panniered commute bike is boxed up ready for a Spanish trip next week, so I am using my non panniered road bike and rucksack for work commute duties this week. Yes the bike is really nimble without panniers and it's really enjoyable and fun to ride. It's made a nice change
The rucksack (and it's a good one) on my back full of gear, less so fun. As what @Cycleops has asked. Sweaty back? Yep, even this morning at 11° I got to work with a sweaty back. Yuk. I also don't get on with all the weight hanging off my back either.
As much as I am enjoying the commute on the roadie, i'll be going straight back to panniers when I get back from Spain


Big fan of Deuter bags, got a couple. Commuted with one everyday for four years, much prefer how a bike handles with the weight on my back, as @ianrauk says much more agile than panniers.
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