Incorrect use of phrases, that annoy me and probably shouldn't

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Watched guy Martin last night, doing India. Good programme but by eck (see what I did there) he annoyed me in one scene.

So, no matter how smart you are, no matter how good a negotiator, dealer or quick can never Barter a good deal.

Bartering isn't negotiation, it's swapping, like Noel Edmonds Saturday barter shop...its a vehicle of trade not a process of knocking someone down a bit.

Sure you can barter a sheep for a goat or a camel for my wife but you can't just barter someone to an agreeable price.

Please stop.

What you might want to do is HAGGLE, just ask that kind Mr Palin, Haggling is a smashing practice, undertaken with gusto in many cultures and is almost the law in others....but it's not Bartering.

Oh and while I'm at it, you can't *lend* something from someone. Sure you can lend it *to* them or borrow it *from* them but you can't have it both ways.


In the interests of balance and reduction in blood pressure, here's one that I always get wrong...actually I think we all get it wrong as I've never heard it any other way so perhaps it's just one of those daft Ol' English sayings that makes no sense...

"Cheap at half the price" what's that all about?


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I suppose threads like this are an antidote to threads about homosexual vegetarians.


And on a personal level - and this is not the misuse of words per se (more names) - my name is Stewart but nearly every bugger in a business or non-friend context misspells it as 'Stuart'.

Quite seriously annoying - in a very petty way.

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