Info on Cycle Chat that changed your cycling.

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Pat "5mph", 2 Dec 2015.

  1. Pat "5mph"

    Pat "5mph" A kilogrammicaly challenged woman Moderator

    On reading that our very own @fossyant had an off and is currently in hospital, my thoughts went back to a few years ago, when, as a newbie, I had fallen off on ice and asked for advice.
    He took the time to explain about studded tyres - I had never heard about them before - posted a few links, answered my questions.
    It was my first winter of cycling: without @fossyant's advice, I would have probably stopped cycle commuting then, and who knows if I would have taken it back up in spring. I'm now into my 5th winter!
    Another of my CC heros is @SatNavSaysStraightOn: after meeting her I realized that I should stop moaning about my age and get on with tackling hills more.
    The ride reports by @Rickshaw Phil made me realize you don't need fancy carbon bikes to achieve long distances, my first (and only!) 100 miles was inspired by him.
    So, what info on CC influenced your cycling in a big way, and do you remember the poster, have you subsequently managed to meet them in person?

    Suggested tags: cycling heroes, cycling mentors.
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  2. Smokin Joe

    Smokin Joe Legendary Member

    No matter how long we've been at this and how much knowledge we brought here with us I think we've all learnt things we didn't know before. Many people here have taught me things I never knew.
  3. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    @ColinJ setting up the half century challenge changed my riding and got me chasing the the miles
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  4. threebikesmcginty

    threebikesmcginty Corn Fed Hick...

    ...on the slake
  5. threebikesmcginty

    threebikesmcginty Corn Fed Hick...

    ...on the slake
    I've met some great people through the forums and @rich p.
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  6. OP
    Pat "5mph"

    Pat "5mph" A kilogrammicaly challenged woman Moderator

    Aye, but: did it change your cycling? Read the op! :ninja:
    ... pretty please :smile:
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  7. threebikesmcginty

    threebikesmcginty Corn Fed Hick...

    ...on the slake
    Did after I'd been out on the lash with rich and teef.
  8. Crackle

    Crackle Squatter

    Yes, I realized it was OK to have more than one bike, nay, necessary to have more than one bike, de rigueur in fact.
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  9. Glow worm

    Glow worm Guru

    Near Newmarket
    I'm probably more assertive on the road than before. I'd never heard of the 'primary', 'secondary' stuff though all common sense I suppose. I'd also never consciously recognised the importance of the shoulder check before either. I certainly do that a whole lot more now.
    I also have Crankarm to thank for making me realise that there are some even more miserable buggers out there than me ^_^.
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  10. summerdays

    summerdays Cycling in the sun Moderator

    I've no idea who it was that first told me about the dangers of lorries but it was a danger that I hadn't fully appreciated when I first started cycling.
  11. Tail End Charlie

    Tail End Charlie Guru

    I don't know about changing my cycling but reading about the rides of others encourages me to go out. I especially like the your ride today thread when posters put pictures on, it shows you don't have to flog yourself every ride and just enjoy the ride for what it is sometimes.
    Actually a thank you to @Katherine as it was her (I presume) post when she saw tree carvings which encouraged me to take more pictures when out.

    PS good thread @Pat "5mph"
  12. Jody

    Jody Platinum member

    Main thing I can take away from the forum is use of primary/secondary and when to use. I used to do it occasionally without knowing what it was but thought of it more as bullying cars for my right to space.
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  13. Supersuperleeds

    Supersuperleeds Guru

    When I first joined I was pointed to mycyclinglog and I was gobsmacked that people were riding 10,000 miles a year, inspired me to have a go.

    I also learned about studded tyres on here and @Mo1959 suggested DMR pedals, of which I still have on the road bike.

    Loads of other tips I've picked up as well, get a track pump and use isopropyl alcohol to clean disk brake rotors being the amongst the most useful.

    Wish I hadn't found the imperial century a month challenge though :laugh:
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  14. OP
    Pat "5mph"

    Pat "5mph" A kilogrammicaly challenged woman Moderator

    Yes, that's another important one: the lbs where I had bought my very first bike did fail to mention this (could have been an instant sale for them!) did not mention correct tyre pressure not even when I was coming back to them with a puncture a week.
    This reminds me of Marathon threads, I still am an avid tyre CC threads reader :laugh:
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  15. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    It's nice to have many pairs of eyes and opinions when it comes to kit, I prefer to read what people on here think as opposed to a magazine, it's more real world. I think the best bit of kit that's made a difference that the forum has put me on to are the Northwave winter cycling boots, they've certainly made my winter riding more enjoyable and comfortable.

    I've also learned how to use the word "nobber" in the right way. For this I am truly grateful.
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