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I recently was buoyed by a friend who is just about to purchase his first road bike because he was inspire by... me!
I reguarly get out on long rides and post my Strava on my Facebook, and he now fancies getting into cycling after following my progress.
He asked me to 'bike hunt' with him (I was like a kid on his way to Toys R Us - mind you, I still get excited when I take my kids there!). He has a budget of a grand, so we've been around lots of bike shops looking at some cool machines.
He's a tall lad (about 6'3" i reckon) so its hard trying to get him a clearance bike from this year, but there are a few. Besides the new models will be out in the Autumn.
He quite likes the Cannondale CAAD8 btw.

Anyway, I thought I'd share this little ditty with you all as I was quite touched that I've actually managed to inspire someone!
Has anyone else made there passionate hobby contageous to anyone around them??


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Four in the last six months.:becool:
Guy who works for me, when he found I cycled in he started using his 20 yr old Marin MTB to commute as he had occasionally in his old job.
He said he admired my riding and ability a and wished he could be as good!
I let him try my roadi one night cycling home and he loved it, bought a Cube Peloton Race and now I eat his dust - he's 5 years older than me - barsteward.


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At the bidding of a colleague, last year I recruited a few female acquaintances who enjoyed riding bikes but either didn't get out much/didn't enjoy riding with faster partners/were new to road cycling - and we've been riding regularly through rain, wind, sunshine and personal adversity for a year now.

Although not all of them were total newbies, I've been able to help them along and pass on some of my experience and knowledge, and have learned a lot from them, too (including an obvious-when-you-know-how technique for clipping in when starting uphill in a low gear). Everyone is well versed in how to fix their own punctures and deal with minor mechanicals, even in the dark and rain.

They've made me think again about what I'm capable of and challenged me over some of my perceived and real weaknesses and preconceptions (on the bike and off!).

We got off to a grand start at the beginning of the year by all riding a 10 mile TT, which I'd probably not have mustered had the confidence to try if I'd been on my own. This year they've all and ridden further than they ever have before, with two of them completing their first 100 milers, and I've introduced them to the sordid world of Audax :becool: Oh, and we've eaten a ton of cake, and drunk pints of tea and real ale :tongue: The only real downside is that a couple of them find hills far too easy...

In short, it's been a blast, inspirational all round, and long may it continue :thumbsup:


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Yep, got (nearly...) two of my friends into cycling.

One of them was jealous that me and another kept going out, so one day, he turned around and said he'd bought one! Surprised at that, but he hasn't actually used it that much if I'm completely honest. Although we're becoming house mates in a couple of months so I'm sure he won't be able to resist when he sees me going out :biggrin:

The next has wanted one for a while, but now we're at the stage I'm currently 'checking' (with my limited knowledge) the bikes that have caught his eye and advising on which ones I would go for. He lost a bid on ebay by £2 about 4 hours ago:thumbsdown:
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