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I have read the insurance threads on the site,
but just to clarify in the case of being offed and personal injury and or damage to bike the insurers linked with likes of BC or LCC will consider taking the other party that is alleged to have caused the collision to court in order to gain compensation on a no win no fee if they deem there is sufficient evidence to win such a claim and pass on the full amount of any payment awarded ,

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Pretty much as you describe, except if the evidence is clear, the claims handlers on both sides agree a figure without going to court. If you accept, then payment is quickly settled. If you think it should be higher compensation, then it would go to court, but the outcome could be less than offerred. At least that is what I was told when I claimed via the CTC (aka Cycling UK).

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As above, same for my claim settled through BC lawyers (not their insurers if that’s what you meant?)

With BC, you don’t pay the lawyers even if you were to lose, those are indemnified by British Cycling (as long as you’ve not lied, misled, been fraudulent etc). Assume same with CUK or LCC
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