1. swee'pea99

    Can my daughter get travel insurance?

    Just received a message to say she's been rejected because she's already started her trip. She should have organised it earlier. Bloody typical. But we are where we are. In her case, Dublin. She's planning to spend the winter in Morocco, but because her trip doesn't begin & end in the UK, the...
  2. H

    Bicycle Insurance

    I have house insurance that covers my bike and 3rd party insurance from membership of a national cycling club. Having recently brought a new bike I looked into the cost of insuring it against theft on my regular bike rides. The quoted cost was 3 times greater than my car insurance and my car is...
  3. A

    Bike insurance

    Is it common to get insurance for a bike around the £1k mark? I assume multi thousand pound dream machines are insured but only ever having had entry level price mtb’s I’ve never considered it. Just had a quick look and see quotes are around £51/annum. I am going to phone my home insurer later...
  4. Accy cyclist

    Car insurance panic

    I want to know when my car's insurance runs out. I think it's the 28th of this month, but i'm not too sure. I know it's due after the car's MOT which is due on Monday, so i'm still insured. To be honest i don't even know who i'm insured with, which brings me to my second problem. Last year i...
  5. Fab Foodie

    Insurance for a newly qualified driver?

    Dears - have put this in Cafe to garner the widest opinions rather than Motoring Subforum (but mods - please do as required) Son - 21yrs old has finally passed his test. He has an 04 Citroen C1 to use and of course, despite lots of prompting has not done anything about looking into insurance...
  6. gavroche

    Car insurance cancellation rip off !

    Our daughter bought my car last Saturday and she has insured it in her own name. I have also informed the DVLA of the change of ownership. I have 8 months left on my own insurance so I phoned the company hoping to get a refund as I had paid a year in advance. Their reply was a £60 cancellation...
  7. jim55

    E bike insurance

    Anyone know who does this
  8. rivers

    Bikmo Insurance

    For those of you looking to insure your bikes against theft, I haven't had any issues claiming through Bikmo. They have just settled my claim in full (less a 10% excess), no questions asked. Their underwriters, Hiscox, get a pretty bad rap in online reviews, but I had a good experience. I had a...
  9. S

    third party liability insurance

    I am going to join Friday's but need to get third party liability insurance - is that something covered by my home insurance - or would I have it if I am affiliated to LFGSS? thanks
  10. Richard A Thackeray

    ' Business Insurance'

    SWMBO (& business partner) have purchased, but not collected yet, a car to be used by all staff It's in case any have; broken down, won't start, flat-tyres, being serviced, etc... Apparantly insurance is an issue - It's not 'Fleet insurance, unless there's more than 1 vehicle (2 minimum) - If...
  11. LisaG71

    insurance (USA)

    I was curious if any riders who live in the USA pay for bike insurance? IF yes. who? did you go through. advantages? To having this coverage any disadvantages? of having insurance. Before I take the plunge and buy a policy I thought I'd ask your opinion.
  12. swee'pea99

    Anyone know anything about Learner driver insurance?

    Both want to learn to drive - NOW! Apparently I need to sort out the insurance. Not entirely sure why - they're 21 & 24 - but apparently it is written. I did look into this a year or three back - I have vague recollections of finding a buy-it-by-the-day deal that seemed to make better sense...
  13. steveindenmark

    An insurance result

    In my accident last September the forks on my carbon gravel bike was snapped. It was 3 months old. This week the moped riders insurace company wrote the bike off and paid me £300 more than I paid for in. Thats a result 😁
  14. Dave7

    Yet another house insurance renewal rant.

    Our home insurance + contents last year cost £290.00. Renewal came through at a MASSIVE £795.00 :eek: I phoned them to check... brick wall... that is the price. Sooo.GoCompare........ Sainsbury's via Zurich. Same cover which includes legal cover....... £202. 00.. Someone is avin a larf.
  15. Kevin Alexander

    Cycle insurance

    I think that my frame has been damaged and wondered if it falls under my wiggle insurance I think that either the rear mech screws are worn in the frame meaning I can’t screw the hanger or the frame is chipped causing the screw not to grip onto the frame the rear mech basically falls out and...
  16. G


    Hi there Where is the best place to get insurance quotes and why is it so expensive? Its nearly as much as the insurance for my 2019 VW Golf! Any recommendations? Thanks in advance J
  17. T

    Cycle Insurance for travel

    Been looking at cycle insurance threads and posts. Online quotes are more than my 2018 Motorbike insurance and more than my VW Transporter.:sad: Home insurance doesn’t cover overseas travel which I hope to do and take bike with me when working. Any ideas ?
  18. fossyant

    Insurance for One Expensive Bike

    My lovely insurance company has ceased the policy my expensive bike was on, and has stopped . All the others are within the £2,500 limit for 'specifed' bikes so have been added to the current policy (£1k for unspecified bikes) but my Herety was insured for nearer £5k (handbuilt frame and Dura...
  19. G

    Laka insurance

    Has anyone had any dealings with this group? It sounds a bit too good to be true
  20. AliShah2020

    Bicycle insurance for London

    Hi all, Is there a reputable company you'd recommend for cicyle insurance? I live in London. I use a motorcycle grade padlock and chain. I'm still concerned about theft. If my bike got nicked I'm not sure I would be able to afford a new one any time soon. Apologies if this is not the...
  21. M

    Insurance query

    Any recommendations for getting bike insurance,got a new bike coming friday valued at 1600 and need to get it insured before hitting the road
  22. A

    Bike insurance is it worth getting and how does it work?

    How does insurance for a bicycle work exactly? I just got a new road bike and I am currently keeping it in my house and never leave it outside. I have a kryptonite d lock and a lock for the front wheel. I will be going to university in September I want to take my bike with me and I will keep it...
  23. B

    Insurance understanding

    Morning all Hope all is well I've just been reading the pinned post on insurance in the main cycling forum, and I'm.a bit confused. What insurance do people recommend, and is it worth it? Do we need insurance for if someone knocks us off our bike? Just want to make sure I'm doing...
  24. Dave7

    Anyone thought of trying to claim back the actual holiday insurance money (as the holiday never took place)

    Just been googling this but can't find any information. I will phone the insurance company tomorrow but a bit of advance knowledge may help eg............................. I booked the holiday and I also paid for the full insurance @£83.00. I have been advised that I will get a full holiday...
  25. E

    Car insurance opt-in/out

    I took out my car policy online with Admiral and received a letter to say they're going to auto-renew in 2 days time. I have been on hold for 45 mins so far to try and cancel but no luck yet. there is absolutely no facility online to opt out of auto-renewal, and I certinaly didn't select that...
  26. I

    Cycle insurance for business commuting?

    Hi can anyone suggest a good company that will cover me doing home visits with an e-bike? Some of the good ones exclude business use strangely. It’s not just commuting to one place of work. the bike will be worth around £5000 so comprehensive insurance essential...
  27. P

    Holiday insurance.

    Don't skimp! On the first day of a two week holiday in Cuba, one of our tour group looked the wrong way crossing the Malecon in Havana. Stepping in front of a car doing 30-40mph is a very bad idea. She was scooped up by friendly locals after summersaulting over the car and landing on the road...
  28. Pale Rider

    Insurance cost and occupation has published some data about how the proposer's job effects insurance premiums. No surprises, although coppers appear on both lists - a police cadet on the dear one and a 'supervisory officer' on the cheap one. A countryside ranger is on the cheap list because they run cheap...
  29. gavroche

    Insurance premiums for young drivers.

    My grand son passed his driving test first time this morning at the age of 17 and a half. When he called his insurance provider, he was told his premium is now £276 per month !:cursing: He has a 2016 Ford fiesta with a 1litre engine. I think this is ridiculous to punish young drivers like that...
  30. G


    Hi Guys I’m thinking of buying a Bianchi Infinito CV at a cost of £4600. My other bikes are covered by my house insurance and I’ll add this one on too. Should I also take out additional insurance? I just feel that paying a lot of money for a bike I should cover it as well as I can – almost like...
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