1. tom73

    Insurance it's like one big game.

    So home insurance renewal time again as is alway's the case it's gone up by about 15 quid nothing has changed no claim ect. So the game starts and you get looking around at quotes. Oh and what a surprise same cover , some company as a new customer it's cheeper. Add on cash back even better...
  2. r04DiE

    Life insurance policy wording.

    Hello all, I am looking for some advice from you guys (as usual)! I am currently arranging life insurance and critical illness cover so that our mortgage/bills are paid off in the event of the unthinkable happening. The salesman says that the life insurance will pay out if one of us croaks or...
  3. ozboz


    I have read the insurance threads on the site, but just to clarify in the case of being offed and personal injury and or damage to bike the insurers linked with likes of BC or LCC will consider taking the other party that is alleged to have caused the collision to court in order to gain...
  4. Johnno260

    Holiday Insurance

    I have been struggling to find holiday insurance to cover my bike while in France, I have seen loads of options for adding skiing gear etc but nothing for a bike. Does anyone have some good suggestions please?
  5. meta lon

    bike theft insurance..

    Had a little search.. We have Barclays home insurance with 2.5k theft cover for each bike for theft but we want more cover. We were thinking 4k cover for ebikes, for home break in theft, we dont leave them when in use. Any good companies or cycle organisations that are sensible price wise?
  6. D


    Reading another thread on here got me thinking about liability insurance. I do most of my cycling on my own as I work shifts and usually ride funny times. Currently not in a club so not got insurance. Who would be the best to go with. There is a few to choose from but what's peoples opinions
  7. Heltor Chasca

    Bike Insurance...

    My household insurance policy came through for renewal. To impress me with their newest and best price they found a cheaper deal this year. Great. However, going through the small print there was no longer any cover for the 6 bikes at Chez HC. Twits! My opportunity to shop around. Separate...
  8. Dave7

    Another home insurance renewal rant.

    Been with Co-op for years even though they have pushed prices considerably higher each year. Final straw......this renewal is up by 30%. No claims for many years etc so I phoned them to discuss it and tell them "you are forcing me to look elsewhere"...... no explanation but sorry, thats the...
  9. I like Skol

    Which 3rd party liability cyclist insurance?

    Cycling liability insurance. This is something I have been thinking about having for years really but have never been 100% convinced about the need for it, given that cycling is really only an extension of walking or running as a means of leg powered transportation and I certainly wouldn't...
  10. mickle

    Car insurance woes

    Long story short. We live by the bus stop. Recently a bus clipped our car which was parked in the street. Their insurance company nominated engineer came and inspected it in the street and said that it was easily repairable, that, given the age and (low) value they'd offer me £X for the damage...
  11. Nomadski

    Travel insurance with bikes

    Going to Tenerife tomorrow and just wondered if anyone knew a good deal on travel insurance which covered damage to bikes, and user falling off said bike.
  12. gavroche

    Can someone explain car insurance excess?

    I am in the process of shopping around for my car insurance due next month. When asked how much excess you want, the amount you choose is never the amount you are prepared to pay. For example, I put £250 excess and then it comes up with: Voluntary £250, Compulsory £ 245 making a total of £495...
  13. Brandane

    Car Insurance - a rant.

    For the past 9 years I have been driving a 2006 Toyota Corolla, now with 113k miles on the clock, and worth about £800 as a part exchange. Last weekend I agreed a deal on a Suzuki Swift (1200 cc, £30 VED, 55 mpg - so as sensible as they come). It's a 2014 model with 50k miles on the clock, worth...
  14. Rooster1

    Recommendations for bike insurance

    Hi I want to insure my bike against theft (primarily). Any recommendations welcome
  15. Cycleops

    Cheaper insurance for 'cycle aware' drivers.

    DfT plans for better awareness of cyclists from motorists and a promise of cheaper insurance.
  16. dutchguylivingintheuk

    is a mobile phone covered under Cycle insurance

    Recently i fell off my bike, luckily i was able to brake my fall with only a few bruises, however my phone went flying having a good cover saved most of it but my screen is cracked on the point that i need to replace it. Looking forward i looked at phone insurance that's way to expensive and i...
  17. Racing roadkill

    My insurance paid up today and so I got a new.....

    One of my bikes got nicked a couple of weeks ago, my household insurance covered it, and I received the money today, so I went out and bought a brand new............ Reclining leather Sofa chair, the payout wasn't enough to cover the cost of the nicked bike. I hate insurance companies.
  18. G


    Hi there. I've always wanted a Bianchi and so I treated myself to a Bianchi Intenso Campagnolo Potenza, in celeste colour of course! Anyway, I have my BMC road bike insured via my home contents insurance but they only insure up to £1000. Can anyone recommend bike insurance companies for...
  19. Davos87

    National Insurance question

    I would be greatly obliged if anyone can inform me if when you’re in full time education ie doing a degree for 3 years, that you get your national insurance contributions paid that go towards your state pension? I have looked on The yougov pension website at my forecast and I am a few years...
  20. stuarttunstall


    Hello again Yet more advice for a returning cyclist after 35 years.... As some of you know I am due to collect my first bike after a 35 year break... now, as this has cost me a lot of money I am looking at sorting insurance out.... Evans Cycles offer there own scheme which seems...
  21. gavroche

    Home and Contents insurance.

    Just had a letter from my bank about taking out home and content insurance which is due for renewal on 14 May. My present policy is not with them. As a valued customer, they are offering me 40% off plus another 10% introductory offer so I filled in their form for a quote. It works out still £30...
  22. Dave7

    House insurance costs.........there must be some logic in the variations but ??

    So mine is up for renewal. I have 2 bikes specified but no other high value items. 3 years ago we were broken into and my bikes stolen. £3K claim was quickly settled. As expected, the next year the cost went up and again the following year. But this year it has gone up again, quite a lot. When I...
  23. robjh

    Insurance, touring above 1000 metres

    I'm trying to get travel insurance for a short touring holiday across the centre of Spain. I've got numerous quotes, but almost all of them link back to the same - or very similar - terms and conditions which cover as standard touring only up to a height of 1000m. The problem is that large...
  24. Piemaster

    'Black box' car insurance

    As per title, anyone have any experience of it? <proud Dad>Ms PM passed her driving test today </proud Dad> and is now eyeing up my wifes Renault Zoe, and dropping hints, but she won't be using it that much. University commute will still be bus, but picking up drunken Dad from pub is a...
  25. Geoff Crowther

    Insurance for Channel to Med, France

    Hi all Just exploring insurance for my upcoming tour in June/July across France. As a walker and backpacker I usually use the BMC. They'll cover me for cycle touring (same cover as for trekking) but I'm trying to find out what happens to my precious bike and luggage, including camping gear, if I...
  26. Phaeton

    Business Use Car Insurance

    Because of my daughters job she has to have business use on her car insurance she is not able to do the job without it, it's part of her contract of employment (I'm led to believe) This year it's cost her £120 more than standard insurance, is she able to claim the extra as an expensive/allowance...
  27. steven1988

    Insurance companies for a bike that's not mine

    Hi Everyone, Is anyone aware of a bike insurance company that will let me cover a bike that isn't mine. I'm wanting to insure the lads bike bit can't find a company willing to insure it in my name. Any suggestions?
  28. Dave7

    Another b****y car insurance thread.

    Car insurance up this week. Quote from my present insurers.........(Hastings)........£325.00 Went online with normal comparison sites and..... who came out best at £250 ???............Hastings. Phoned them up and yes, "we will match that quote"..........job done with £75 saving. I know they try...

    Can anyone recommend insurance?

    Hello , Can anyone recommend an insurer for commuting ? I'm looking for third party and legal costs as my bikes aren't worth much . Thanks all
  30. Accy cyclist

    When does a vehicle related incident stop being a vehicle related incident?

    I was thinking about this the other day when i was nearly doored. Ok,if the driver of that vehicle had knocked me off my bike with his car while driving it i could claim off his insurance,like i did the other year when i was hit by that boy racer,but would being doored be classed as a motoring...
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