1. G


    Hi there Where is the best place to get insurance quotes and why is it so expensive? Its nearly as much as the insurance for my 2019 VW Golf! Any recommendations? Thanks in advance J
  2. Tripster

    Cycle Insurance for travel

    Been looking at cycle insurance threads and posts. Online quotes are more than my 2018 Motorbike insurance and more than my VW Transporter.:sad: Home insurance doesn’t cover overseas travel which I hope to do and take bike with me when working. Any ideas ?
  3. fossyant

    Insurance for One Expensive Bike

    My lovely insurance company has ceased the policy my expensive bike was on, and has stopped . All the others are within the £2,500 limit for 'specifed' bikes so have been added to the current policy (£1k for unspecified bikes) but my Herety was insured for nearer £5k (handbuilt frame and Dura...
  4. G

    Laka insurance

    Has anyone had any dealings with this group? It sounds a bit too good to be true
  5. AliShah2020

    Bicycle insurance for London

    Hi all, Is there a reputable company you'd recommend for cicyle insurance? I live in London. I use a motorcycle grade padlock and chain. I'm still concerned about theft. If my bike got nicked I'm not sure I would be able to afford a new one any time soon. Apologies if this is not the...
  6. M

    Insurance query

    Any recommendations for getting bike insurance,got a new bike coming friday valued at 1600 and need to get it insured before hitting the road
  7. A

    Bike insurance is it worth getting and how does it work?

    How does insurance for a bicycle work exactly? I just got a new road bike and I am currently keeping it in my house and never leave it outside. I have a kryptonite d lock and a lock for the front wheel. I will be going to university in September I want to take my bike with me and I will keep it...
  8. B

    Insurance understanding

    Morning all Hope all is well I've just been reading the pinned post on insurance in the main cycling forum, and I'm.a bit confused. What insurance do people recommend, and is it worth it? Do we need insurance for if someone knocks us off our bike? Just want to make sure I'm doing...
  9. Dave7

    Anyone thought of trying to claim back the actual holiday insurance money (as the holiday never took place)

    Just been googling this but can't find any information. I will phone the insurance company tomorrow but a bit of advance knowledge may help eg............................. I booked the holiday and I also paid for the full insurance @£83.00. I have been advised that I will get a full holiday...
  10. E

    Car insurance opt-in/out

    I took out my car policy online with Admiral and received a letter to say they're going to auto-renew in 2 days time. I have been on hold for 45 mins so far to try and cancel but no luck yet. there is absolutely no facility online to opt out of auto-renewal, and I certinaly didn't select that...
  11. I

    Cycle insurance for business commuting?

    Hi can anyone suggest a good company that will cover me doing home visits with an e-bike? Some of the good ones exclude business use strangely. It’s not just commuting to one place of work. the bike will be worth around £5000 so comprehensive insurance essential...
  12. P

    Holiday insurance.

    Don't skimp! On the first day of a two week holiday in Cuba, one of our tour group looked the wrong way crossing the Malecon in Havana. Stepping in front of a car doing 30-40mph is a very bad idea. She was scooped up by friendly locals after summersaulting over the car and landing on the road...
  13. Pale Rider

    Insurance cost and occupation has published some data about how the proposer's job effects insurance premiums. No surprises, although coppers appear on both lists - a police cadet on the dear one and a 'supervisory officer' on the cheap one. A countryside ranger is on the cheap list because they run cheap...
  14. gavroche

    Insurance premiums for young drivers.

    My grand son passed his driving test first time this morning at the age of 17 and a half. When he called his insurance provider, he was told his premium is now £276 per month !:cursing: He has a 2016 Ford fiesta with a 1litre engine. I think this is ridiculous to punish young drivers like that...
  15. G


    Hi Guys I’m thinking of buying a Bianchi Infinito CV at a cost of £4600. My other bikes are covered by my house insurance and I’ll add this one on too. Should I also take out additional insurance? I just feel that paying a lot of money for a bike I should cover it as well as I can – almost like...
  16. gbb

    Car insurance renewal

    We all know the way it works, allow them to renew automatically and you willwittingly or unwittingly pay a premium for the pleasure / slothlessness / indifference. Mines due next month...I only have what I think is a modest car, 2015 Astra SRI,not that powerful, mediocre but reliable and quite...
  17. D

    Insurance against cycle theft

    I've been looking at getting some insurance for my bikes. (Theft only not public liability). They aren't expensive really... though to me they were. I have a CUBE Aim Race MTB and just bought a Brompton B75. So the most expensive is £750. This is just for me, so only one will be out of the house...
  18. R

    Bike insurance

    I'm thinking of investing a £1000 in a touring bike however this is a big spend for me and i cant afford to lose it, I'd need to insure it since I've had bikes stolen before and I know new shiny bikes attract thieves like flies to a dung heap, I need to know more about insurance, why would they...
  19. MahatmaAndhi

    Family Bike Insurance

    Hi all, I recently bought my first ever brand new bike and I'd like to get it insured. Whilst I'm getting mine insured, I'd also like to get my wife and her bike insured too. It looks like lots of companies encourage multi-bike cover. However, they never give me an option to put her name on the...
  20. byegad

    RAC car insurance taking advantage.

    OK, for the last few years Lady Byegad and I have been taking turns to insure our car, one year I'm the insured and she's the other driver. The next year the other way round. We drive almost exactly the same mileage, equaling between 48-52% of the total yearly miles. Sadly Lady Byegad has had...
  21. Chris S

    Driving licence number and insurance

    If an insurance website asks you for your driving licence number then put it in. It reduced one of my quotes from £550 to £350. I also reduced my premium again by going direct to the company's website and directly entering my details there.
  22. tom73

    Insurance it's like one big game.

    So home insurance renewal time again as is alway's the case it's gone up by about 15 quid nothing has changed no claim ect. So the game starts and you get looking around at quotes. Oh and what a surprise same cover , some company as a new customer it's cheeper. Add on cash back even better...
  23. r04DiE

    Life insurance policy wording.

    Hello all, I am looking for some advice from you guys (as usual)! I am currently arranging life insurance and critical illness cover so that our mortgage/bills are paid off in the event of the unthinkable happening. The salesman says that the life insurance will pay out if one of us croaks or...
  24. ozboz


    I have read the insurance threads on the site, but just to clarify in the case of being offed and personal injury and or damage to bike the insurers linked with likes of BC or LCC will consider taking the other party that is alleged to have caused the collision to court in order to gain...
  25. Johnno260

    Holiday Insurance

    I have been struggling to find holiday insurance to cover my bike while in France, I have seen loads of options for adding skiing gear etc but nothing for a bike. Does anyone have some good suggestions please?
  26. Levo-Lon

    bike theft insurance..

    Had a little search.. We have Barclays home insurance with 2.5k theft cover for each bike for theft but we want more cover. We were thinking 4k cover for ebikes, for home break in theft, we dont leave them when in use. Any good companies or cycle organisations that are sensible price wise?
  27. D


    Reading another thread on here got me thinking about liability insurance. I do most of my cycling on my own as I work shifts and usually ride funny times. Currently not in a club so not got insurance. Who would be the best to go with. There is a few to choose from but what's peoples opinions
  28. Heltor Chasca

    Bike Insurance...

    My household insurance policy came through for renewal. To impress me with their newest and best price they found a cheaper deal this year. Great. However, going through the small print there was no longer any cover for the 6 bikes at Chez HC. Twits! My opportunity to shop around. Separate...
  29. Dave7

    Another home insurance renewal rant.

    Been with Co-op for years even though they have pushed prices considerably higher each year. Final straw......this renewal is up by 30%. No claims for many years etc so I phoned them to discuss it and tell them "you are forcing me to look elsewhere"...... no explanation but sorry, thats the...
  30. I like Skol

    Which 3rd party liability cyclist insurance?

    Cycling liability insurance. This is something I have been thinking about having for years really but have never been 100% convinced about the need for it, given that cycling is really only an extension of walking or running as a means of leg powered transportation and I certainly wouldn't...
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