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  1. Sixmile

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    N Ireland
    A few times a year I try and get away from it all and pick a location in Ireland to ride to, stay over and ride back from. After a great trip down in the Irish midlands last year, I decided to head towards Athlone again, no small part down to the fantastic greenway that links the town with Mullingar. I had booked my b&b in Athlone months ago and put the trip planning on the back burner. When I came back to putting everything together I ended up adding in a trip to a certain parochial house to give this ride a little more interest than just doing the same thing as last year.

    If you're still with me and interested, here's how I rolled..
    Monday 29th May 2017
    Craggy Island Parochial House

    5:30am alarm
    Drove from Ballyclare to Belfast and parked my car in work and rode across to the train station.
    6:45am - 9am Belfast to Dublin Connolly train - train arrived in a few minutes late, panic stations!
    Connolly and Heuston stations 2.1miles apart
    9:25 - 11:30am Dublin Heuston to Athenry train - caught this train with >1 minute to spare
    Cycle 2 hours Athenry to Fr Ted's for afternoon tea and photos
    Cycle 4/5 hours from Fr Teds to Athlone and checked into pre-booked b&b
    Did the usual, washed the kit, got cleaned up, bath, something to eat etc
    2 ciders and I was out for the count.

    Day 1 - 105 miles

    Athlone Skyline

    Tuesday 30th May 2017
    Ate like a horse at breakfast in the b&b and set off at check out time 11:30am
    Straight onto the Athlone to Mullingar greenway - 27 miles of the flattest, smoothest, straightest asphalt
    Lunch in Mullingar and on my way again



    I had booked a train from Dundalk to Belfast for 19:55 and I arrived in Dundalk with around 92 miles for that day, so of course another ton had to be done! I did 2 loops of the town and made the train again with no time to spare.
    The train arrived back in Belfast about 21:30 and it was back to work, load the bike in and get home.

    Day 2 - 104 miles

    It was my first ever consecutive 100+ mile days and I can't imagine how Amanda Coker et al can do serious mileage day after day. As I type this I still have a reminder of those harsh hours in the saddle. I'm hoping I'm feeling a little fresher for the Gran Fondo this Sunday. All in all, it was a great 2 days and I already have most of my next trip planned for just over a months time.

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  2. classic33

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    There's a few bends on your straight road. I'm assuming you mean the Irish version, "Straight on round the corner" type of road.
  3. OP

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    N Ireland
    The straight road was actually poker straight cyclepath from Athlone to Mullingar. The picture shows a stretch about 15 miles the other side of Mullingar I think.
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  4. Kajjal

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    Wheely World
    As long as you are prepared for howling gales and driving rain Ireland has some great places to cycle. The roads can be a bit random, some are completely smooth and others are covered in pot holes.

    I do mountain biking in the forestry and mountains there near where relatives live.

    once I get higher up there is a clear view across the Atlantic.
  5. Crackle

    Crackle ...

    I never realized you could visit Fr. Ted's house. How cool!
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