1. winjim

    Sorry me hole - fly tipping in rural Ireland

    I know a lot of us on here love the countryside we cycle in and detest litter and fly tipping, so please enjoy this van driver's scolding of somebody he found dumping a mattress by the road. An uncensored, unbleeped version is available and is even better but I'll let you seek that one out for...
  2. middleagecyclist

    Advice please. Short cycle trip west coast Ireland.

    Planning such a trip, travelling light credit card stylee, about a week long, Summer 2020. Ferry from Holyhead and taking own bike. Aiming 60-80 miles per day. Imagine the Wild Atlantic Way will be a good basis but: Where to start from and how to get there? Where to aim for and how to get...
  3. SpokeyDokey

    A sad day in Northern Ireland - journalist killed during riots.

    Being treated as a terrorist incident with the New IRA being on the suspects list:
  4. r04DiE

    Trans Ireland - route ideas.

    Hello all, I am thinking of doing a Dublin - Lahinch ride, toward the end of summer. Have any of you guys ever ridden this way across Ireland, or even part of it as I would love some help on planning a route? Thank you!
  5. C

    Cycling from Rosslare to Limerick

    Hi there, I am considering cycling from Rosslare to Limerick and back to Rosslare in the first week of August. I have about 5-6 days. I cant seem to find anything online that suggests there are cycle routes/quieter roads to take other than the major roads. Any suggestions/advice on which route...
  6. steveindenmark

    The Transatlantic Way Race

    The Transatlantic Way race starts today at 10am. Hopefully, this will be the link to the tracker page when they get started. It starts in Dublin and the riders make their own route to Derry. The rest of the route is then set all the way down to Kinsale...
  7. steveindenmark

    Dublin to Galway on quiet roads

    I am looking for a quiet route from Dublin airport to Galway keeping on quiet tarmac all the way if possible. I have been looking for a coast to coast but it appears they do not have one from the Dublin area. RWGPS took me onto a greenway, complete with railway lines . ^_^ Any suggestions...
  8. steveindenmark

    Cycling in Cork, Ireland

    Are you allowed to cycle through Old Head Golf Course to the Old Head Lighthouse?
  9. gavroche

    Good old Republic of Ireland.

    Just got back from spending 3 great days with my brother near Cong, in the county of Mayo. The house he rented was big , on the side of a hill with wonderful views across the lake. The four of us ( his wife, mine and both of us) had a great time touring round Connemara and in the pub in the...
  10. steveindenmark

    Transatlantic Way _ Ireland

    Has anybody ridden TAW? We may be able to ride some of it in the summer for a couple of weeks. We would like to know if we should start in the south and finish in Galway. Or Start in Galway and head North? Which is most interesting/scenic?
  11. R

    Eurovelo 1 - London to Cork - Bicycle adventure [4k]

    Hey people, if you happen to be interested; I've just edited a video of this years London to Cork trip, that I cycled in late September. Linked below. View: The route went; London, Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Fishguard -- Ireland-...
  12. Gordon P

    An Extended ireland End to End

    Following the Manchester to Morecambe FNRttC in early August, treating it as a Prologue, I took the ferry from Heysham to Douglas, IoM and on to Belfast. I then spent 2 weeks riding to Malin Head, the End to End south to Mizen Head, and back via Cork and Waterford to Rosslare for the ferry to...
  13. W

    Wild Atlantic Way Cycle Sportif

    The 2018 Spring Wild Atlantic Way Cycle Sportif which will take place along the west coast of Ireland from the 19th of April to the 4th of May. This fully-supported 16-stage multiday-sportif is broken down into 4 blocks of 4 stages to allow you to choose the dates that suit you best. Covering...
  14. Sixmile

    Solo Stan - N Ireland to Australia

    I did the obligatory check to see if this trip has been mentioned anywhere else but don't see anything. (Please move if this is in the wrong area!) I have started following this guys journey from Northern Ireland to Australia. Currently he is passing through Iran and has a blog that he is...
  15. Sixmile

    Ireland Overnighter

    A few times a year I try and get away from it all and pick a location in Ireland to ride to, stay over and ride back from. After a great trip down in the Irish midlands last year, I decided to head towards Athlone again, no small part down to the fantastic greenway that links the town with...
  16. classic33

    Suspended sentence for driver as cyclist left unable to speak or walk

    Robert Faherty (63) driving without headlights when Grainne Duncan’s bike hit car A man whose careless driving left a cyclist without the ability to speak, walk or hear has been given a suspended sentence of nine months’ imprisonment. Robert Faherty (63) was driving without headlights when...
  17. Lerryn

    Can I take a bike on the Cork to Dublin train?

    Hello! I'm planning a 750 mile ride in Ireland in June. The final leg involves a train trip from Cork (Kent) back to's not clear to me on the train website whether cycles are permitted on the train....would welcome others' experience on this please. Cheers
  18. DCLane

    Help - calling club members in N. Ireland / RoI

    My 12yo needs some help please ... He's registered with Cycling Ireland but they won't currently let him race, except the nationals, unless he's joined a Cycling Ireland affiliated club. However ... he lives in England and mostly races here. We're over in Ireland quite a bit due to health issue...
  19. Julia9054

    Cycling in Ireland

    Whilst out on the bikes today, the subject of summer holidays came up. Husband suggested taking the bikes to Ireland. Apart from a long weekend in Dublin 17 years ago, i know nothing about the place. It would be for 7 - 10 days in late July, early August and we would be driving and staying...
  20. J

    cycle ireland great site if your thinking of cycling Ireland loads of different routes video as well. jags.
  21. G

    Ireland Folding Bike

    I bought this yesterday anyone know who made them? Are they rebadged Raleigh's?
  22. Spinney

    Holiday ideas, southern Ireland

    Hi all Contemplating having a week in Ireland, beginning of September. Most likely way of getting there at the moment is to get the ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare, so will be starting in the bottom right hand corner. Likely to be taking the bikes as well. Don't want to spend too much time...
  23. classic33

    Nenagh Cycle Hub

    The North Tipperary Cycle Network, with the town of Nenagh as its hub offers three routes varying in distance from 11km to 67km with numerous shorter alternatives. Each cycle offers pleasant views of the local countryside while loops 1 and 2 provide stunning lakeshore panoramas. Numerous picnic...
  24. classic33

    An Post Tour De Burren, 18 JUNE 2016

    The An Post Tour de Burren is a fantastic road cycling event which starts in Ballyvaughan and takes in many stunning scenic locations around North Clare. There are four routes to choose from so you are guaranteed to find a route to suit you. The Family Loop The Family route is a popular route...
  25. classic33

    Northern Ireland Festival of Cycling

    The 2016 bike-fest, Northern Ireland Festival of Cycling running from 3 - 19 June. This two week bike-fest packs in events and festivities, fun activity workshops that will keep the kids entertained for hours alongside routes that will take you through some of Northern Ireland's most stunning...
  26. classic33

    Lough Derg Cycleway

    Lough Derg Cycleway What better way to experience the beautiful countryside and charming villages around Lough Derg than on two wheels! Difficulty: Moderate Length: 80 miles / 129 km Duration: Multiple days Overview: This is a suggested circular route around Lough Derg, Ireland's Pleasure...
  27. steveindenmark

    Cycle Against Suicide - Ireland

    I came across this website yesterday and would have loved to do this ride but we will be riding in Italy at the time. We will certainly be registering very early for next years ride. We really like the idea of staying with Irish families during the ride and it is for an excellent cause. It is...
  28. D

    20 Great Places to Eat in Dingle Ireland I won't be able to visit Dingle but perhaps one of you are close enough or plan to go. Perhaps these places will be worth visiting
  29. PMarkey

    Wild Atlantic Way Audax

    Just put my entry in for the Wild Atlantic Way Audax hopefully I get in as I had a great time last year on the Mile Fáilte 1200 , I just have to hope real life or a lack of fitness don't get in the way .
  30. lazybloke

    Fond memories of touring Ireland

    A fantastic site, have been lurking for a while and reading amazing LEJOG and other accounts and was reminded of my Ireland tour I did in the early 90s. 'Pics or it didn't happen'.... sadly I have none. My exgf has that album, or rather she had it. She probably burnt it when I married her best...
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