Eurovelo 1 - London to Cork - Bicycle adventure [4k]

Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by RobCyclist, 19 Oct 2017.

  1. RobCyclist

    RobCyclist Active Member

    Hey people, if you happen to be interested; I've just edited a video of this years London to Cork trip, that I cycled in late September. Linked below.


    The route went; London, Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Fishguard -- Ireland- Rosslare Harbour, Waterford and then to Cork. I have a map of the journey at the start.

    I went along the Eurovelo 1 cycle route, that just got realised in Ireland this year. And I cycled NCN cycle route 4 in the UK. Along the south wales coast (amazing scenery), the ridgeway (great offload track, and the oldest road in the UK) & the kennet and avon canal towpath.

    I had a bit of a nightmare in Ireland, I lost my wallet for about an hour. I went to pay for some food at supermarket and couldn't find it. I retraced my steps, and found it on a beach near where I camped the night before, the tide was also coming in so I felt very lucky to have that back.... Without the wallet I would have no money in a foreign country... wasn't good.

    But other than that, had a great time. Met some great people in the hostels.

    Hope you enjoy the vid if you watch & happy to answer any questions if you had any

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  2. nickr

    nickr Well-Known Member

    Really great video, I would love to have done that ride. Did you travel alone? how did you get those shots of yourself?
  3. mr_s81

    mr_s81 Senior Member

    Great video. Nicely edited, I enjoyed that!
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  4. OP

    RobCyclist Active Member

    thanks man
  5. OP

    RobCyclist Active Member

    Thank you :smile: I traveled alone yes, I think that's the best way of travelling less hassle but does get boring at times.

    And I got those shots by buying a mini tripod on amazon. This is the one;

    Then I attached my gopro to it, the tripod has a standard camera adapter so you can use any camera on it and then I set it up somewhere to film and cycle in a direction come back turn it off and then repeat somewhere where the scenery is nice. Does get a bit tedious having to always cycle back but i think it makes for a more interesting video. And I use sony vegas to edit it, so sometimes I will zoom in and that it does on a program afterwards.

    Thank you. Rob.
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  6. nickr

    nickr Well-Known Member

    As a professional video editor I appreciate the amount of work that went into shooting and editing that video - then there is the actual bike riding, phew alot of work.
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  7. Shookis

    Shookis New Member

    Hi @RobCyclist , great video. Do you happen to have a gpx file or similar of the route you took?
  8. OP

    RobCyclist Active Member

    Thanks man, If you click on the gps button under "route tools" on the left, you can download a gpx file of the whole ride....

    You can also edit the route on that link.
  9. Hedgemonkey

    Hedgemonkey Upright and forwards, just.

    NE Derbyshire
    Just stumbled into this, great video and some excellent shots, and Mrs Hedgemonkey would like to know what is the music for the UK side.
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