Is Di2 worth the extra money


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Looking at upgrading my current Giant advanced defy to one of the two bikes pictured below. The only difference I can see between them is the tyres and Di2 and wondered if people think that’s worth the difference in price. Actually prefer it in red too but would love some thoughts


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I think 1100 quid is quite a premium for the di2..I prefer the red also..the framest for this year is quite nice..I would build from that if it was any interest to you..pedal on with podium points and you could probably build a better spec tcr for less than the pro 1


Short answer is yes. This is subjective though - there was another thread re this a short while ago.

id say that the price of the Giant bikes are generally not bad but if you are truly only getting Di2 as the difference then £1000 extra is too much for me.

I’m about to order a Canyon Endurace Di2 (just holding off until after my op next week and see how my recovery goes) which I think is much better value for money. I was going to get one last year but they didn’t have my size.
i was also lucky to ride one at the Harrogate UCI on a Canyon Rapha organised ride last year and it was very impressive.

For £3,000 you can get Di2 and for another £700 you get Aero plus a far better set of wheels and it comes in red which looks very very nice in the flesh and far better than the stealth or blue IMO.



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I prefer the red too, but the premium for me would be too much for what you get. Maybe speak to the store about your concerns and try and negotiate a discount on the Pro 1. Show them the Canyon prices above. I’ve managed between 15-22% of current model Giants with a much lower RRP!


I'm not one to advise. I have geared bikes in the garage, but tend to always use my SS or fixed.


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Di2 is a luxury, not a necessity. Yes it is nice to have. But if you get on well with manual gears, spend your money on something else.
My Di2 bike is the least ridden bike I own


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Is it worth the extra? That's something only you know. Is it necessary? I'd say no.
If you bought the cheaper bike the money you save could finance a very nice cycling holiday.:bicycle:


I really liked Di2 - but my battery died a couple of weeks back - potentially leaving me with a bill of £155 - luckily it was just in warranty so got it replaced for nowt.


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I just tried Di2 for the first time and have to say I'm impressed. I have often struggled changing gear on long rides. I once spent the last 100km not using the big ring as my hand was so sore. The Di2 gear change is effortless. Is it worth the cost ? I'd say yes but I like spending money on my bikes


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I upgraded the original Ultegra on my Bianchi Infinito to Di2 a couple of years ago.... Yes, it was an expensive upgrade but, IMHO, well worth it. Mechanical Ultegra is smooth and slick anyway but Di2 steps it up to a really great experience. And before anyone says a Bianchi should have a Campagnolo gruppo, I went with Shimano as my other bikes have it; it is what I am used to; and, having tried the Campag at the dealer, I found it to be much more clunky than Shimano!


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Di2 is certainly impressive and I'd like it if I didn't feel that a good mechanical like Ultegra or DA was so good. Every time I ride my DA equipped best bike and click a gear I ask myself why I would want to spend an extra grand on something that's heavier and needs a battery.
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